November 30, 2021

Biden’s Plan To Pay $450k To Separated Illegal Immigrant Families Is A Slap In The Face Of Hard-Working Americans

Biden’s cancelation of Trump’s border wall on the US-Mexico border has led to one of the best humanitarian crises of our times.

The Biden administration’s latest flight of liberal lunacy – a reported plan to pay millions of dollars to illegal migrant families separated at the border – shows why Trump’s border fence was the utmost effective plan of them all.

As the rapidly capsizing ship known as the Biden presidency continues to descend below the waves into the depths of insanity, a life raft has been launched not for the overworked American taxpayer, but to the horde of illegal migrants who gatecrashed their way in to the United States.

In this modern version of the Titanic, White House officials are reportedly in talks with lawyers representing the illegal horde, that are seeking  $450, 000   per family member in compensation for the supposed trauma they suffered at the hands of the Trump administration, the Wall Street Journal  wrote , citing  “ people acquainted with the matter. ”

If approved, the master plan would fork over around $1 billion or more to these families, most of whom, it must be emphasized, broke US law by crossing illegally into American territory. So now Uncle Sam finds himself in the ridiculous position of being sued by the trespasser who is seeking monetary compensation after being bit by the homeowner’s guard dog in the course of an attempted break-in.

The fact that children were periodically the ones separated from their families at the border must not make the legal case any stronger for the illegal immigrants. Due to the chaotic conditions at the US-Mexico border, where many people regularly arrive without identification, it’s nearly impossible to know whether a kid is traveling in the company of his parents or a human trafficker.

That is precisely why the Trump administration, that was accused of detaining ‘ children in cages’ – a policy that actually  began   under Barack Obama – found it necessary to separate family members until their true identities could be determined. It’s no secret that many children have been completely trafficked into the US from around the world where they are forced to  participate   in a vast underground prostitution network. And even in case a child makes the arduous trek through several countries in the company of family members just to reach the US border, serious threats – including robbery, rape, and even murder – might await them at every turn.

That is why Joe Biden’s cancelation of Trump’s border wall on the US-Mexico border has led to one of the greatest humanitarian crises of our times. A record 1 . 7 million migrants were  undergone   attempting to enter the US illegally in the last 12 months, the highest number recorded since the government first began tracking migrant movements in 1960. More shocking, almost 147, 000 children were  apprehended   in that period without parents or guardians. Thousands remain in US custody today.

The usa has only itself to blame for this man-made catastrophe. In the place of paying heed to the lunatic progressive fringe of the Democratic Party, which somehow believes that a viable national border is tantamount to racism and the rise of ‘ white supremacy’, Joe Biden should have let the border wall construction proceed as planned. The actual fact the Democrats staunchly refused to perform this obligatory task is a great mystery and should be enough to cancel them to the ash heap of political history forever. All things considered, it goes without saying that no country – regardless what the liberal utopians wish to believe – can long survive without a well-guarded border.

More to the point, however , is what this great betrayal means for the American people, already suffering the devastating effects of a lingering pandemic. Millions of US citizens currently end up either under-employed or unemployed thanks to government-mandated lockdowns – which, incidentally, were probably the most draconian in the Democrat-run cities and states – that cut a swath of destruction through Main Street, the very home of small businesses.  

In some feeble gesture to offset the suffering developed by bad governance, middle-class Americans were given ‘ stimulus checks’ to weather the lockdown nightmare. On average, those checks totaled about $4, 000 per citizen. Now compare that to the taxpayer-subsidized $450, 000 that Biden wants to award illegal immigrants. That is an obscene amount of money, and more so when it is remembered that it might be paid to people who have contributed not a single copper penny to the US tax load.

The Biden administration’s plan to indulge illegals with what amounts to a winning lottery ticket, is just the latest tempting carrot attracting millions of desperate migrants to America’s teeming shores. Instead of enacting the same type of responsible border policies as other countries, like Hungary, for example , which constructed a razor-tipped security fence on its border with Serbia and Croatia in an attempt to halt the arrival of migrants to the Eastern European country, the Democratic Party continues to lure new arrivals with inducements which are simply unsustainable in the long run.  

Moreover, such financial rewards, the bulk of that may certainly go to money hungry lawyers, are an insult to the millions of hardworking American people whose own ancestors first arrived in the united states legally and with an invitation, not sneaking in through the backdoor.

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