November 30, 2021

NASCAR Driver In Trouble For Using ‘R-Word, ’ But No one Knows What That Even Means

Media uses term not really in common usage with community

NASCAR provides ordered Cup driver Kyle Busch to take “ sensitivity training” for using the “ r-word” against a fellow driver, which has left a lot of fans wondering what the “ r-word” even means.

The Daily Mail published a full rehash of the story, reporting that Busch used the “ r-word” with fellow driver Brad Keselowski.

“ The ‘ R’ word? Aren’t we getting a bit ridiculous? ” Wrote one particular article commentator.

“ I’ve been reading the particular dictionary letter ‘ r’s’ for 3 hours today and can’t find something offensive. I’m I missing something? ” Asked an additional.

“ I almost thought it intended Republican, ” said another.

Several enthusiasts thought the r-word has been referring to “ redneck, ” but , buried in the write-up, the Daily Mail stated the “ r-word” refers to “ people who suffer from psychological retardation. ”

The takeaway from this tale is not what Busch stated, but rather that nobody knew what the Daily Mail had been referring to when it repeatedly stated the “ r-word” has been used during a race, leaving behind fans wondering what actually was said.

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