November 30, 2021

Woke Microsoft Employees List Pronouns, Race, Hairstyle, Acknowledge Campus Built on Indian Property During Digital Event

Microsoft reaching degrees of idiotic woke-ness that shouldn’t even be possible.

Footage emanating from a Microsof company digital event this week displays the company is bending over backwards to appease the particular woke liberal agenda.

In one cut going viral from the three-day Microsoft Ignite conference, two employees greeted viewers simply by listing their name plus pronouns, as well as their competition and their hairstyle.

In a comment to a reporter, Microsoft claimed the actual physical descriptions were given to “ assist with greater accessibility for folks that are blind and have vision impairment, ” nevertheless , this doesn’t explain why ethnic labels were also introduced.

Another cut from the virtual roundtable showed Microsoft is hyper-aware their own campus was built on land previously occupied simply by several Indian tribes, that they ridiculously go on to listing.

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