November 30, 2021

World’s Top Static Freediver Diagnosed With Myocarditis After Taking Pfizer Vax – May Finish His Career

“After my 2nd dose, I noticed that my heart rate was method higher than normal and the breath hold capacities took place significantly. “

Florian Dagoury, currently the world’s greatest static freediving diver, was diagnosed with myocarditis and unimportant mitral regurgitation after their second dose of Pfizer’s vaccine.

Florian Dagoury is a People from france freediver, now based in Asia, known for holding his breath for 10 minutes and thirty seconds and is currently the planet’s top holder in apnea.

The freediver noticed that his heart rate had been way higher than normal great breath-hold capacities went down significantly after he took the particular vaccine.

10 days after taking the vaccine, he went to see a cardiologist and was told it turned out a common side effect of the Pfizer vaccine and it will just pass. Forty days passed and still no progress, he went to see another cardiologist and he got diagnosed with Myocarditis plus Trivial Mitral regurgitation.

Florian then distributed his testimony on his  Instagram   page:

Just want to share our annoying experience after vaccination and perhaps have some testimonials through similar stories amount Freedivers. Did you get better?

After my 2nd dose, I noticed that my heart rate was way higher than normal and my breath hold capabilities went down significantly. During sleep, I’m at 65-70bpm instead of 37-45bpm. During the day I’m now normally over 100bpm instead of 65bpm, even when I sit down plus relax. Once I even reach 177bpm while having supper with friends!!!! 10 days right after my 2nd jab, I actually went to see a cardiologist and he told me it’s a common complication of the Pfizer vaccine, absolutely nothing to worry about, just rest it is going to pass. 40days after 2nd jab, I had no improvement so I went to see an additional cardiologist and got identified as having Myocarditis and Trivial Mitral regurgitation! Which is basically an inflammation of the heart muscles caused by the immune system and some tiny leakages of blood from the valves that no longer close properly. I’m now struggling to reach 8min breath hold, 150m dyn and I even have a powerful urge to breathe doing 40m dives. 30% decrease on my diving efficiency roughly.

My first thought and recommendation to Freedivers around the world are to choose the vaccine that is done the old fashion way like Sputnik, Sinovac, Sinopharm, etc… instead of those new mRNA vaccines.

Doctor Peter McCullough joins The Alex Jones Show to boost alarm over the growing healthcare tyranny state and uncover the corruption that’s allowing deadly Covid policies.

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