August 19, 2022

Mom Describes FBI Raiding The girl Home For Speaking Out there Against Election Fraud & Radical School Boards

“I cannot help but think this was a major intimidation move because they did not do this with anybody else, ” she says.

A Colorado mother explained a harrowing account of the FBI raiding her house for speaking out against far-left officials on her nearby city council.

Sherronna Bishop, creator of activist group America’s Mom , joined Steve Bannon’s War Room on Saturday to explain how a SWAT team rammed down her door and terrorized her children as they handcuffed her and dragged her away on Tuesday.

“ I possess always been available, and yet they will chose to come to my home in this way: break down my doorway, terrorize my family, and put me personally in cuffs, ” Bishop said.

“ And I cannot help but think this was a significant intimidation move because they failed to do this with anyone else. ”

“ A person remember, the DOJ reports that parents who are available being too vocal face of being household terrorists , ” Bishop noted. “ And I just can’t help but think that, with all this brute force these people brought to my home, it was more of a message than a real crime [investigation]. ”

Bishop, the former former campaign manager for  Rep Lauren Boebert (R-Colo. ), claimed she helped turn 9 local school planks conservative in recent special elections by helping to reveal critical race theory along with other liberal agendas in the class room.

This may explain the heavy-handed retaliation simply by Biden’s Justice Department towards an activist mother.

Florida Liberal Candidate Calls on FBI To Raid Homes associated with Republicans

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