August 19, 2022

Biden ‘Ready to Run for Re-Election in 2024’ as President’s Approval Rating Hits New Low

“What is their health going to be in the following three years? “

On Sunday, Joe Biden celebrated their 79th birthday amid the president’s plummeting approval rankings and soaring speculation the fact that US president may not ultimately seek re-election, not least due to senility.

Over the past few days,   US President Later on Biden   great aides have reassured allies that he plans to run again in the 5 November 2024 election, according to  The Washington Post   (WaPo).

The newspaper claimed how the message is partly targeted at tamping down assumptions by some Democratic Party members that Biden may not seek re-election given his age and flagging popularity.

The Wa Post   cited former Democratic Senator Philip Dodd, a Biden buddy, as saying that “ the one thing I’ve heard him [POTUS] say can be he’s planning on running once again; and I’m glad this individual is”.

Dodd was echoed by former Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell, who told the paper that “ what he [Biden] is saying publicly is what he strongly believes. There’s no difference”.

“ He will not really run if he feels he can’t do the job physically or emotionally”, Rendell true.

The particular Washington Post   also cited an un-named Biden adviser as saying the 46th president “ has told people for yourself that he plans to run [again] and we will be prepared for that”.

The same tone was struck by Steve Schale, chief executive of Unite the Country, a super Political Action Committee (PAC) formed by Biden loyalists. Based on Schale: “ I get up every day operating like this individual [Biden] is running. He is running until he is not”.

When asked whether he or she thinks Biden will run for re-election, an unnamed Democratic veteran, in turn, told   WaPo   that he hears “ this question get asked every day” and that “ no one ever asked that will question about Barack Obama. No one ever asked that will question about Donald Trump”.

Florida trial lawyer John Morgan, a top 2020 Biden donor, remained downbeat about Biden’s drive for re-election.

“ What is his wellness going to be in the next three years? All you have to do is consider the mortality tables in America to understand what I’m saying”, Morgan noted.

The remarks came as Biden’s health checkup at the Walt Reed National Military Healthcare Centre found the president to be “ healthy”, “ vigorous”, and working out 5 days a week.

Earlier this week, POTUS briefly transferred power to  Vice President Kamala Harris   while this individual was under anesthesia throughout a routine colonoscopy. This was the first time, even if for a brief period, that a woman had been in the helm of the United States.

Biden’s approval rating offers plunged to 44% in spite of lingering at 46% final month, according to  Fox News   polls.

The president’s ratings have plummeted significantly since the start of his term in workplace, with respondents especially disappointed over the Biden administration’s handling of immigration issues, improving COVID-19 infections, as well as introduction of vaccination mandates as well as the chaotic US troop exit from Afghanistan.

Biden Approval Ranking Dips to Record Levels

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