August 19, 2022

Deflected: Little Girl “Karate Blocks” Biden

Small child senses wicked, reflexively puts arm up to block groper-in-chief.

Joe Biden’s unwanted advances were rebuffed with a little girl, who appeared to utilize a martial arts technique to block the particular handsy 78-year-old.

The incident took place Friday at the White House Rose Garden during the annual Thanksgiving turkey pardon ceremony.

Footage from the event displays Biden honing in on a young woman being carried by the girl mother.

No sooner had Biden touched the girl than she picked her arm up in a karate-chop fashion to block the senile septuagenarian.

“ This kid has excellent ‘ spidey’ senses, ” wrote one Twitter user.

Another kid who had the bad luck of meeting Biden a week ago wasn’t so lucky.

In footage from a bill signing event last week, Biden is seen stroking a new boy’s sweater and touching his face, as he shows him, “ Meet myself after this, I can show you across the White House. ”

Taking into consideration Biden’s reputation for inappropriateness with youngsters, it’s most likely best he completely prevent associating with them for the near future.

Biden Unleashes Demented Tyranny

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