American Patrol Boats Arrive in Ukraine Amid US Move to Strengthen Country’s Military

Proceed comes amid fears of alleged “Russian invasion” associated with Ukraine

Amid the reported “ Russian military buildup” near the Ukrainian border, the administration people President Joe Biden is considering a lethal aid package to Kyiv, a brand new CNN report suggested earlier on Tuesday.

Two “ Island” patrol boats from Maryland found its way to Odessa, Ukraine on Wednesday, the Ukrainian navy  announced   through Facebook.

The particular vessels were named “ Fastiv” and “ Sumy”. After the boats pass through traditions, unload and are prepared for use, Ukrainian navy flags will be raised on them and they will go to “ begin their military journey to ensure maritime safety in the Black and Azov Seas”.

“ We are grateful to our American partners for their many years of continued support to Ukraine. We all appreciate the contribution of the United States of America in deterring the particular Russian Federation’s armed aggression against Ukraine, ” said Oleksiy Neyizhpapa, the Leader of the Naval Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Earlier in Sept 2018, the United States provided this kind of patrol boats to Ukraine. Under its Excess Protection Articles programme, Washington has sent similar outdated vessels to Georgia, Pakistan plus Costa Rica.

The particular arrival of two previous US patrol boats within Ukraine comes in light of fears of an alleged “ Russian invasion” of the adjoining country – something that Moscow has dismissed as “ absurd”. As such reports keep circulate, the administration of US President Joe Biden is usually reportedly considering a deadly aid package to Kyiv, particularly mulling the deployment of military advisers and equipment, including weaponry.

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