Gun Store Launches “Not Guilty” Sale Following Rittenhouse Acquittal

Lefties freak out over gun store using Rittenhouse to promote Second Amendment.

A gun range within Texas seized the moment to launch a sale adopting the Kyle Rittenhouse verdict a week ago.

Conroe-based Saddle River Range upon Saturday notified customers via text message of their “ Not Guilty” sale, commemorating the exonerated 18-year-old who was acquitted on murder charges, as well as the right to self-defense.

An ad for the purchase featured a picture of Kyle carrying his AR-15 on that fateful night, with upper and lower text reading, “ Not Guilty Sale Now Until Thanksgiving!!! ”

According to a screenshot of the text obtained by KPRC , the “ Pre-Black Friday” sale includes: “ Firearms, optics, bags, gun parts, hunting and archery companies more. ”

The text unfortunately did not mention what percentage discount would be provided, or if range services would also be discounted.

Gun range owner Thomas Bolsch explained the sale was not a celebration that people were killed.

“ We celebrated the acquittal from a 2nd Amendment standpoint and a directly to defend yourself point, ” he said, adding, “ We did not celebrate, and do not celebrate the loss of lifestyle. ”

At least one customer interviewed was confused why people would be offended by the image, or the selling.

Media outlets, however , scoured through the company’s Instagram page and discovered a black customer who was offended, despite the Rittenhouse trial having nothing to do with race whatsoever.

“ I really respect this shop, ” the social media user quoted by two different news outlets said. “ I purchased my first gun from you all. But as a young Black male, also a young business owner, this does not give me confidence within the justice system, and I can’t stand the fact you all are capitalizing on a situation that is still so fresh. ”

A request for comment from Saddle River Range was not immediately returned.

On a somewhat related notice, rock legend Ted Nugent announced last week he’d want to gift Rittenhouse a lifetime supply of ammo .

“ I’m going to get a hold of Kyle Rittenhouse plus I’m going to provide him a very long time supply of ammunition and Let me begin the Kyle Rittenhouse Tactical Masterclass because as a young person, boy did he do good. He knew that will weapon. He was a samurai as a teenager that under those unbelievable, traumatic and physically assaultive conditions, this individual did his job, ” Uncle Ted told the “ Rock of Nations” podcast.

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