Videos: Jefferson Statue Stuffed In the Crate And Removed From NYC City Hall

Footage is a perfect analogy for your cultural and political damage of America

A statue of Thomas Jefferson that has stood for almost 200 years was removed from Nyc Hall Monday after a group of Mayoral appointees deemed it to be potentially offensive.

Video footage of the statue being taken out was shared widely.

It was secured with shoulder straps and lifted by stores:

The statue was then placed into a crate and lowered down to the ground floor from the building:

The statue will be relocated to the New York Historical Society after nine associates of the Mayoral appointed Public Design Commission voted in October to eliminate it.

Several lawmakers testified the statue is ‘ offensive’, with Democratic Assemblyman Charles Barron of Brooklyn actually declaring that Jefferson was obviously a “ slaveholding pedophile. ”  

Other people, including Republican City council member Joe Borelli accused NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio of waging the “ progressive war upon history. ”  

The statue will probably be included in educational exhibits with all the ‘ proper’ historical framework that likely will include debate of Jefferson’s slave ownership.

People who attempted to watch the removal of the sculpture were initially told which they had no right to end up being there:

As we previously mentioned, back in 2017, after figurines of Confederate figures had been targeted, President Trump expected that soon enough it would be statues of Jefferson and Wa that would face the axe.

“ This week it’s Robert E. Shelter. I noticed that Stonewall Jackson is coming down. I question, is George Washington in a few days and is it Thomas Jefferson the week after? You truly do have to ask yourself: ‘ Where does it stop? ‘” Trump asked  at the time.

The media said   Trump was overreacting and pointing to a ‘ false slippery slope’.

John Oliver dedicated an entire segment to mocking Trump over the statement:


Trump had been 100% correct.  


It hasn’t stopped. History is being systematically erased.

Previously this year  all of us reported   at the woke mob succeeding within influencing a MUSEUM in New York to remove a statue of former President Theodore Roosevelt.

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