Air travel Employees File Federal Suit Against Biden Administration More than Vaccine Mandate

‘The Leader arrogated to himself common police powers over the lifestyles of millions of people, which are contemplated by nether the Metabolism nor any Act of Congress. ‘

Airline employees fed up with unconstitutional shot mandates are taking the Biden administration to court for an overreach of executive strength.

In the lawsuit filed Tuesday in US District Court, the united states Freedom Flyers representing different airline employees teamed up with the Health Freedom Defense Finance to challenge the “ desperately overreaching executive purchase mandating COVID-19 injections for everyone federal contractors and subcontractors. ”

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“ The suit alleges, many other things, that ‘ the President arrogated to himself general police powers over the lifestyles of millions of people, which are contemplated by nether the Metabolic rate nor any Act associated with Congress, ‘” states the press release obtained by Infowars .

Biden and his press secretary are also accused of lying to the American people when they claimed the federal government didn’t impose nationwide vaccine requires, and also claimed the administration’s policies will exacerbate issues with the already brittle provide chain.

“ Instead of the Executive Order’s purported purpose to ‘ decrease worker absence, reduce labor costs, and enhance efficiency of [Federal Government] contractors and subcontractors’ the mandate will likely possess the opposite effect by driving the termination of thousands of essential workers from crucial supply-chain and transportation industrial sectors that are already over-stressed. ”

“ Biden’s mandate and resulting guidance from OMB and the CONSIDERABLY Council come at probably the worst possible time in our nation’s history, threatening in order to exacerbate an already-critical situation going into the holiday season, ” states the press release.

The groups’ suit comes as a flight attendant last month announced the girl was your house “ a major airline” more than its vaccine requirements after she skilled severe adverse reactions from a required jab.

“ That was the single worst decision of my life, ” recounted vaccine-injured stewardess Mack Williams. “ I broken my faith because the employer made me select from my God and my job, a decision that nearly cost me my life. ”

Read the press release regarding the Health Freedom Defense Fund and US Freedom Flyer’s lawsuit:

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