Auto manufacturers, Union Reach Deal to Avoid Vaccine Mandates

Office masking required, injections prompted but not mandatory

Automakers Ford, General Motors and Chrysler have agreed with all the United Auto Workers partnership to require masking in the workplace and encourage vaccination plus boosters against Covid-19, yet will not mandate the jabs yet.

Detroit’s big three – with Chrysler represented by parent company Stellantis – and the union  introduced   their general opinion on Tuesday afternoon, following a meeting the evening before to talk about the current state of vaccine and mask guidelines in the Biden administration.

The task force has  “ aligned on a policy associated with voluntary and confidential disclosure of vaccination status meant for UAW members, ”   their statement said, along with each company giving their particular employees detailed information about exactly where and when to report their status.

While urging everyone to get the vaccines and booster shots, the task force noted  “ there are personal reasons that may avoid some members from becoming vaccinated, such as health issues or even religious beliefs. ”

Masks will remain mandatory on all worksites  “ at this time, ”   although they can be uncomfortable, because the spread of the coronavirus remains  “ a serious health threat, ”   the union and the corporations said.

The Biden administration paused its push to require vaccinations for all companies along with 100 or more workers a week ago, after the Fifth Circuit Courtroom of Appeals blocked its enforcement, calling it  “ staggeringly overbroad” and  “ fatally flawed. ”   The mandate took the form of an emergency rule with the Occupational Safety and Wellness Administration (OSHA). It is currently headed to the Sixth Routine for a consolidated challenge, from which it is likely to be appealed towards the US Supreme Court.

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