Dark Supremacist Darrell Brooks Rapped About Being A ‘Terrorist’ Plus Called For Violence Against White People

Brooks also shared a meme about Adolf Hitler which usually claims that negroes are usually “the true Hebrews. “

The dark supremacist ex-con charged in the deaths of  six people  at a Wisconsin Christmas march rapped about being a ‘ terrorist, ‘ and published online that ‘ Hitler was right’ to have wiped out Jews because ‘ the negroes … are the true hebrews, ‘ while furthermore calling for  violence towards white people.

Darrell Brooks Junior, 39, is charged with  five counts of first-degree intentional homicide , and has more charges impending according to prosecutors in Waukesha, Wisconsin, after eight-year-old Knutson Sparks was named simply by relatives as the sixth victim to have died from his injuries after Brooks apparently plowed into a Christmas march. More than 60 people were hurt in the massacre,   which has already become non-news among mainstream outlets.

Brooks, an aspiring artist,   left quite the social media footprint   in which he posted black nationalist rhetoric, assistance for Black Lives Issue, and shared memes targeting Trump supporter Kanye Western.

In one Fb post screencapped by the  Daily Mail , Brooks – aka “ MathBoi Fly” – had written: “ LEARNED ND TAUGHT BEHAVIOR!! so when we begin bakk knokkin white individuals TF out ion want to hear it… the old white ppl 2, KNOKK DEINEM TF OUT!! PERIOD.. ”

Brooks also shared a meme regarding Adolf Hitler which statements that negroes are “ the true Hebrews, ” and that America has moved “ false white Jews into a state of Israel. ”

He also rapped about being a “ terrorist” plus a “ killer in the city, ” according to  The Sun , citing lyrics Brooks submitted online.

Wannabe rapper Brooks had said “ yeh we terrorists ” and “ killers in the city ” according to his song Loudmouths.

The track – posted to Brooks’ soundcloud page under the name MathBoi Take a flight – goes on “ hope you right with lord cos casket with you going for. ”

Brooks  also wrote an anti-Donald Trump rap  plus declared “ f*** the particular pigs”, it emerged upon Monday.

One of his songs includes the lyrics: “ They will gonna need a cleaner for your s*** we did, all my killers Gacey where all of them bodies hid. ” -The Sun

In another song, Brooks can be seen waving a gun in front of what appears to be the red SUV used in the attack.

Wisconsin police stated on Sunday that there’s simply no evidence that there was a terrorist attack.


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