New York ER Closes As Workers Refuse To Comply With Vaccine Require

Workers were given an ultimatum to either get vaccinated or end up being banned from coming to function

An emergency room inside a hospital in New York ceased operation as staff wandered out, refusing to go along with the COVID vaccine mandate.

A statement released by the Mount Sinai South Nassau hospital records that workers were given a good ultimatum to either obtain vaccinated or be prohibited from coming to work.

A significant number of personnel chose the latter, leading to the ER in Long Seaside to shut down.

“ The Emergency Section in Long Beach managed by Mount Sinai South Nassau, will be closed temporarily as of 3 PM these days due to nursing staff shortages, ” the statement introduced.

It continues, “ The staffing shortage and closure of the LBED is a result of the Hospital’s compliance with the NYSDOH’s mandate… requiring the suspension of all staff working under temporary spiritual exemptions who could not show proof today of getting a first dose of COVID-19 vaccination or a valid medical exemption from receiving this. ”

“ We regret having to make use of this step but the safety of our patients is always our Number 1 priority, ” the particular statement  continues, adding “ This closure should not be interpreted as anything beyond what – a temporary measure made to relieve current staffing issues in our Emergency Department. ”

Reports possess suggested that the ER is set to reopen after the disadvantages were resolved, however the event highlights the impact that will enforced vaccination is having upon health services.

Presumably those workers which continue to refuse to comply with the particular mandate will simply be replaced simply by new workers who will.

The vaccine mandate for health employees was announced in August by the New York State Section of Health, with spiritual exemptions on the whole not becoming granted.

The most recent closure of this emergency room provides nurses and officials on the Children’s hospital where all of the kids injured in the horrific  Waukesha car assault   were taken revealed that treatment is being hampered by a staff shortage brought on by the COVID vaccine mandate.

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