Ron Paul Warns: Reduce Anticipations of Government

A free market, featuring a currency chosen from the people, not the government, may meet all people’s needs for quality goods and services.

Pumpiing was an unwelcome guest at this year’s Thanksgiving gatherings. According to the Farm Bureau, a traditional Thanksgiving meal cost fourteen percent more in 2021 than the same meal cost in 2020.

Many family members went without certain Thanksgiving holiday favorites — or restricted their guests — to reduce costs in hopes of conserving Christmas from the Grinches on the Federal Reserve.

Sadly, these efforts will not guaranty that kid’s Christmas wish lists will be fulfilled because the government-caused provide shortages have even afflicted Santa’s workshop.

Some pundits have recommended that the way to cope with increased prices and reduced accessibility to goods is for people to “ lower their expectations. ” These pundits have unknowingly stumbled into the truth: The American people should reduce their expectations of government.

Since the Progressive Era, many Americans have got looked to the government with regard to economic security. The result has become a welfare state that undermines personal charities, families, local towns, and the free market. Progress entitlement mentality has added to the moral crisis facing the country.

Mothers and fathers who expected the government to supply their children with a quality schooling are discovering that govt schools are more interested in indoctrinating children in Cultural Marxism. The expectation that the authorities ensures everyone has healthcare offers resulted in bankrupt entitlement applications that are major drivers of the nation’s fiscal crisis. It has also led to Obamacare, that has made it more difficult for many Americans to afford quality health care.

There may be no much better symbol of the folly associated with looking to government to provide safety than the Transportation Security Administration (TSA). For twenty years, this agency has subjected Us citizens to incredible violations of the privacy and property rights as well as their basic human dignity. Yet federally financed tests of the TSA have found TSA screenings are inadequate at stopping would-be terrorists! It is not just the TSA. The whole unconstitutional surveillance machine created after 9-11 has done absolutely nothing to increase our safety yet has done much to decrease our liberty.

The particular trillions spent on foreign wars make Americans less secure by increasing resentment associated with American foreign policy. Our foreign policy that enhances the military-industrial complex as well as its paid propagandists is another main factor contributing to a massive financial crisis.

A significant expectation that people need to reject is that the Federal Reserve can produce stable prices and complete employment. For fifty years, America has had a 100 % pure fiat currency. The result has been a steady erosion of the dollar’s purchasing power, an increase in economic inequality, a boom-bubble-bust business cycle, and a constant growth of government motivated by the Fed’s monetization of debt. Despite the Federal Reserve’s record of failure, Our elected representatives refuses to pass the Audit the Fed legislation that could allow the American people to learn the full truth about American monetary policy.

In contrast to the welfare-warfare-regulatory state, a free society will surpass the people’s expectations. A free market, featuring a currency selected by the people, not the government, can meet all someones demands for quality goods and services.

Personal charities could effectively plus compassionately take care of those requiring help without creating a good entitlement mentality. Schools would view parents as clients and so would not use the class room as a vehicle to challenge the parents’ values.

We can constantly expect authoritarianism and low income from big government and peace and prosperity from liberty.

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