Success! ANOTHER Federal Court Obstructs Joe Biden’s Vaccine Mandate For Healthcare Workers — In All 50 States!

Latest ruling from Louisiana federal court deals disastrous blow to Joe Biden’s vaccine mandate agenda.

A federal court in Louisiana has halted Joe Biden’s vaccine mandate for health care workers nationwide on Wednesday.

Determine Terry Doughty of the Traditional western District of Louisiana issued the preliminary injunction pertaining to healthcare workers at Medicare-certified facilities for all 50 states.

“ If the executive branch is allowed to usurp the power of the legal branch to make laws, 2 of the three powers conferred by our Constitution would be in the same hands, ” Doughty published .

“ If human character and history teach anything, it is that civil protections face grave risks when governments proclaim indefinite states of emergency. ”

“ During a outbreak such as this one, it is a lot more important to safeguard the splitting up of powers set forth in our Constitution  to avoid erosion in our liberties, ” he additional.

Though Doughty acknowledged the Supreme Court would likely ultimately decide on the matter, he also said “ it is important to preserve the status quo in this case. The liberty interests from the unvaccinated requires nothing much less. ”

This particular latest ruling comes simply a day after a Missouri federal court issued a similar injunction , yet only in 10 claims.

Republican Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry praised the ruling against Biden’s “ unconstitutional plus immoral” mandate for healthcare workers.

“ While our fight can be far from over, I am pleased the Court granted preliminary relief against the President’s unconstitutional and immoral attack upon not only our healthcare employees but also the access to healthcare services for our poor and elderly, ” Landry mentioned.

“ I will see this case through to the end – battling every step of the way to prevent the government from imposing medical tyranny on our citizens and turning last year’s healthcare characters into this year’s unemployed. ”

Earlier this month, the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals also rebuked Biden’s shot mandate via OSHA for businesses with over a hundred employees.

Read the Louisiana court judgment:

Tyrant Biden DEFIES The Courts, Continues To Push Unconstitutional Mandate

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