August 19, 2022

Cina On The Edge Of Failure – Exclusive Report

How would the nation’s economic fall alter the global market?

Housing prices in Tiongkok are in free fall because the China Evergrande group fails and its shares drop by 90%.

Evergrande is embedded throughout China’s financial system as Bloomberg Intelligence reported, “ State-owned developers may be forced to dominate some Evergrande projects next year to ensure homes are sent to their buyers… ”

If the 21st-century belongs to the Chinese because the Rockefeller Foundation and a variety of anti-American think tanks intended…

It will be one of economic global failure.

In the words and phrases of Jimmy Chang, main investment officer at Rockefeller Global Family Office, “ has $300 billion in outstanding debt. There is a contagion issue if China Evergrande is not resolved. I think it is going to end up having some deep-pocketed state-owned enterprises to take over. ”

China’s economy, once the globalist golden child, has recently been referred to by the World Bank as “ high growth depending on resource-intensive manufacturing, exports, and low-paid labor that has mostly reached its limits and has led to economic, social, and environmental imbalances… ”

It’s a low-paid labor class that includes modern-day slavery relying on slavery that inevitably leads to a Civil and/or World War.

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