August 19, 2022

Police Raid Shutters Independent Hong Kong News Outlet For “Seditious” Content

It’s only a matter of your time for all remaining independent and opposition outlet voices before the police come knocking

In the most recent pro-China crackdown on Hong Kong independent media,   police raided the headquarters of  vocal pro-democracy website  Stand News   on Wednesday and caught at least six, including present and former editors plus board members.

“ Police raided Stand News’ office previously in the day after arresting the six, including well-known singer and activist Denise Ho, a former board member, on charges of conspiracy to publish a seditious publication, ” the  Associated Press   detailed of the raid which  involved more than 200 officers and the seizure of all suspected “ subversive” and “ seditious” journalistic materials under last year’s  national security law .

Hours to the day the news website has been no longer being updated, neither its active social media web pages. Stand News’  HK$61 mil in assets have been iced and all employees dismissed.  

It appears to be portion of a new crackdown wave towards opposition Honk Kong mass media, following the June 2021  shuttering of the Apple Daily newspaper in a similar massive police  raid which saw the publisher  Jimmy Lai and top editors arrested, because HK authorities continue forcing the public   strongly in line with “ pro-China” insurance policies .  

It’s now looking like the particular crackdown is likely to  keep on beyond  Stand Information.   The AP writes further,   “ Early Wednesday, Stand News posted a video on Facebook of police officers at the house of a deputy editor, Ronson Chan. ”

The report adds that  “ Chan, who is also chair of the Hong Kong Journalists Association, was taken away regarding questioning, the organization confirmed in the statement. ” Later launched, he described that all his  credentials and press pass, including all digital devises and even bank cards were seized .  

Hong Kong police claimed in the follow-up press conference that “ we are not concentrating on reporters” while a mass media industry group protested the particular raid. Police described  Stand News   in particular as having  “ stirred up  hate or contempt for the authorities and judiciary, ”   the  AP   noted. HK police further had several friendly “ advice” for all those other media and journalists:  

“ We are not really targeting reporters, we are not targeting the media, we just targeted national safety offenses, ” said Li Kwai-wah, senior superintendent of the police National Security Division.   “ In case you only report, I don’t believe this is a problem. ”

He said at a news conference that those arrested needed to account for their actions even though they had resigned from Stand News.

Asked what guidance he had for the media, Li replied, “ Do not biased. You know well the best way to report, how to be a accountable reporter, how to make a non-biased report to your readers.   That’s all I can give you. ”

This arrives even after the outlet ceased the particular publication of  most op-eds and removed the subscription-only membership, citing the prior nationwide security law. Those nevertheless being detained reportedly address two years in prison and also a fine up to HK$5, 500.

Appear star Denise Ho was among the Wednesday arrests of pro-democracy media voices…

Likely it’s only a matter of your time for all  remaining 3rd party and opposition outlet voices before the police come knocking, as journalists struggle to  figure out what exactly  “ don’t be biased” actually means in the minds of pro-mainland authorities.

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