August 19, 2022

House Members Supplied KN95 Face masks Stamped “MADE IN CHINA”

Republican House associates point out poor optics of dealing with Chinese-made virus with Chinese-made PPE.

Members of the ALL OF US House of Representatives were un-ironically handed KN95 defensive face masks emblazoned, “ Made in China. ”

According to Fox News’ Jacqui Heinrich, work of the Attending Physician offered the CCP-produced masks to House members, without a hint associated with irony that the very malware being warded off in all likelihood emerged from China.

“ Some members aren’t joyful, ” noted Heinrich, explaining that “ The Capitol Attending physician recently purchased masks be upgraded in order to N95 or KN95’s [because] of Omicron… they’re required on the Home floor. ”

Images included in Heinrich’s social media post showed a KN95 mask with “ Produced in China” stamped in an every caps, bold font.

According to Heinrich, an unidentified House member symbolized the US has capitulated to China.

“ One lawmaker tells me, ‘ You have 435 Members of the US House wearing “ Made in China” stamped on the face, ‘” Heinrich documented.

Speaking to Fox News , Rep. Brad Wenstrup (R-Ohio) pointed out the particular insanity of having to rely on foreign adversaries for our PPE.

“ These Chinese masks further highlight our need to divest far from the [Chinese Communist Party]. Our national security and our health depend on it, ” Wenstrup stated.

Similarly, Rep. Greg Murphy (R-N. C. ) highlighted Home Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s (D-Calif. ) lack of concern on the appearance of capitulating in order to China.

“ As usual, Speaker Pelosi fails to recognize the senseless optics of her own decision-making, ” Murphy said. “ We have been fighting a virus that will came from China, yet the Speaker is comfortable with publicly helping a Chinese manufacturer, sending our taxpayer dollars abroad and further advertising our dependency on China … in the faces of Congress.

“ Either Pelosi’s office neglected to realize the cruel irony of supporting ‘ Made in China’ or they don’t care. ”

The Chinese face masks were fitting “ for that Democrats to be handing out masks that were made in the same place the virus originated, ” quipped Rep. Andy Biggs (R-Ariz. ).

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