DAVID ROOT: My Father Almost Passed away for His Country Battling at Okinawa. Today Their Son Can No Longer Walk the particular Streets of Washington DC Without “Papers”

We can’t afford to rest because of short-lived victories. We have much work to carry out, to save America from a communist/fascist takeover.

Thursday wasn’t a good day designed for President Biden. First, the particular Supreme Court shouted “ LET’S GO BRANDON” by killing his prized personal employer mandate.

Then Liberal Senators Manchin and Sinema destroyed his dreams of banning Voter ID to insure one party rule in the united states.

After hearing all that bad news, I am just guessing Biden put a lid on it, and headed for the White House basement where his wife ready baby food, fed your pet milk from a bottle, after which tucking him in with his favorite blankie.

But we can’t pay for to rest because of two short-lived victories. We have much work to do, to save America from a communist/fascist takeover.

Washington DC is usually Exhibit A. Did heard the latest plot twist within DC? Two steps ahead, one step back.

Washington DC Mayor Muriel Bowser just announced nobody can leave their home or resort without papers 24/7. Weight loss enter any restaurant, bar, retail store, department store, gym, or even walk the streets, without government issued photo ID, plus proof of vaccine.

This is happening in America.

People “ like me” are banned from Washington DC. I’m not certain- is it because I’m a Jew, Republican, or unvaccinated? Maybe all three?

Let me make a few significant points here.

First, “ my body, my choice. ”   Democrats live and die with that mantra when it comes to murdering innocent kids in the womb. Ironically, with this very this moment, Democrats are passing laws to help make abortion legal up until the moment of birth. But in DC when it comes to my body, I have no choices. It’s either take an experimental poisonous jab that could cripple or kill me, or I quit my job, my social life, and all of my civil rights.

Second, my father didn’t almost die at the battle of Okinawa during World War II, so their son could be banned through entering Washington DC. This can be a disgrace to anyone who actually fought or died with this country.

3rd, as a Jewish American, I see many echoes of Nazi Germany. Today it is “ the particular unvaccinated” who are being slandered, denigrated, persecuted, fired plus banned for the crime of not wanting to take the harmful, experimental Covid jab.

Today’s unvaccinated United states is being called the same words as Jews in Nazis: “ dirty, filthy, dangerous, diseased, criminal, disloyal, selfish, someone who should be banned from society, no longer allowed to eat at restaurants, or have a glass or two among normal people. ”

What’s next? Yellow Stars? Well that is certainly already happening. In many universities in America, children are being divided by vaccination status.

Fourth, this is about “ papers. ” Democrats claim that asking for proof of nationality before voting is like the Gestapo asking for “ papers, ” but to need “ papers” to eat foods, buy groceries, or shop 24/7/365 isn’t Gestapo? Really, it’s more like Gestapo, Russia’s KGB, East Germany’s Stasi, combined with Communist China’s pushed labor camps.

Finally, if Covid is such a “ national health emergency, ” why has Biden and his communist cabal opened the border, so millions of malnourished, tired, sick plus diseased illegal aliens can flood into this country, with no health checks, no masks, and no vaccine mandates?

Either this particular “ health emergency” is definitely pure fraud intended to allow Democrats to rig and steal elections with mail-in ballots and no Voter ID; or this “ health emergency” is real plus Democrat tyrants like Biden and Bowser are intentionally letting the whole world in, to spread Covid, thereby creating crisis and hysteria, plus giving themselves more power to control every aspect of our lives.

My Jewish military veteran father was ready to expire for this great country. That which was he fighting for? Independence. Now all these years later, the tyrant Mayor associated with DC thinks she may ban law-abiding, tax-paying people who happen to have various political views from getting into America’s capital.

But I’ll bet Gran Bowser supports transsexual legal rights. I’ll bet she thinks any man can recognize as a woman and we need to accept that as fact. Then they can use women’s restrooms, and play sports with the daughters.

Everyone can learn from that lesson. To any extent further, please consider me “ Trans-vaccinated. ” I’m unvaxxed, but I identify because ” vaccinated. ” You’ve got to take my word for it. If I think I’m vaccinated, I am. And if you “ mis-identify me, ” certainly open up your business to big lawsuits.

I have a message for Mayor Bowser…


Wayne Allyn Root is known as “ the particular Conservative Warrior. ” Wayne’s new #1 bestselling guide is out, “ The fantastic Patriot Protest & Boycott Book. ” David is host of the nationally-syndicated “ Wayne Allyn Root: Raw & Unfiltered” upon USA Radio Network, day-to-day from 6 PM in order to 9 PM EST as well as the “ WAR RAW” podcast. To find out more about Wayne Allyn Root and read features by other Creators Association writers and cartoonists, go to the Creators Syndicate website at  www.creators.com .

Dems Announce War on US Citizens

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