August 19, 2022

“Fauci’s a Liar, Infowars Dot Com! ” Patriots Hijack Live Newscasts to Drop Covid Truth Bombs

Fearless patriots are taking a battering ram to the Covid narrative and trying to wake up people from the mass formation psychosis by commandeering live news broadcasts to spread the truth.

Fearless patriots have been able to smash through the mainstream media programming to warn the United states people that Dr . Anthony Fauci is a liar.

Fox 2 St . Louis had to cut two broadcasts short when men phoning out NIAID Director Anthony Fauci as a fraud strolled into live shots.

“ Fauci’s the liar, Infowars. com, ” one man displaying an Infowars bumper sticker shouted as the Sibel 2 cameraman tried to pan away.

The same Fox 2 reporter had another transmit interrupted by a second guy who told the TV market, “ They’re lying for you. Fire Fauci. Infowars. com. ”

Both men are brothers who teamed up to answer Alex Jones’ $5, 000 challenge to call away the Covid scam , while simultaneously plugging “ Infowars dot com” upon live TV.

The challenge : Can get on live national, or international live TV, legally and lawfully, with a quick COVID tyranny wake-up slogan of your choice and say “ Infowars dot com. ”

The challenge was also taken up by someone in Ireland who interrupted reporter Mí cheá t Lehane during a live RTE News broadcast, shouting “ The vaccine causes coronary heart attacks! Infowars. com. ”

“ Where are the pneumonia deaths? They have breaking the Nuremberg code, ” the man also shouted.

We look forward to viewing more activists spread consciousness about the COVID scam, the particular deadly vaccines, or the damaged officials imposing tyranny upon live broadcasts.

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Operation “ Destroy Shot” To Bring Down The New World Order

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