Street Art Mocking Biden & Fauci’s Regime Appears Overnight in D.C.

Soviet-style agit prop satire depicts Biden as a power-hungry dictator, Fauci as a corrupt clergyman.

Soviet-style artwork depicting Joe Biden and Dr. Anthony Fauci as tyrants appeared overnight in downtown Washington, D.C.

The four separate art pieces ridicule Biden and Fauci’s COVID dictates and hysteria.

The first piece shows an angry Biden holding up a hammer that says “OSHA” surrounded by the word “comply.”

The second shows a group of children covered in red masks looking up admiringly at Biden emblazoned with a halo made of syringes.

The third shows Biden sitting at a throne holding a coronavirus particle with the words “Mandate!”, “Segregate!”, and “Subjugate!” above him.

The fourth piece, “Trust the Scientism”, shows Fauci dressed in a cassock holding a giant syringe.

Given D.C. is full of the elite who supported COVID mandates and restrictions, it’s fitting that these art pieces appeared right in their backyard.

It didn’t take long for a triggered leftist to start tearing down the epic artwork.

Are We Witnessing The End Of America?

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