Midwest Catholic hospital system says it will cease discrimination towards WHITE patients when offering COVID monoclonal antibody therapy

After conservative law firm endangered to sue

A Catholic hospital chain in the Midwest offers axed a policy which provided white patients lower concern for potentially life-saving COVID treatment after a conservative law firm threatened legal action.

SSM Wellness, based in St Louis,   Missouri, runs 23 private hospitals across  Illinois, Missouri,   Oklahoma  and  Wisconsin, announced the climbdown Friday, hrs after the legal warning had been filed.  

On Friday, attorneys for the Wisconsin Institute for Regulation & Liberty wrote towards the hospital, asking that they end the ranking system used to determine which patients get priority for monoclonal antibodies –   a popular method for reducing the risk of severe COVID symptoms.

The particular letter cited a Dec 31 email to doctors by SSM Health, which usually referenced a risk scoring calculator in which non-white patients received a seven-point head start out of 20 total, whenever judging whether to administer the antibodies.

‘ For example , the 50-year-old white female (15 points) suffering from obesity (1 point), asthma (1 point), and hypertension (1 point) would not be eligible for mAbs because she does not receive the 20-point minimum score under the loan calculator, ‘ the letter mentioned.  

‘ On the other hand, an otherwise healthful 50-year-old African-American female (22 points), without any of these health risks, would be eligible. ‘ 

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