Movie: H. R. McMaster States He Can’t Fathom FBI Using Agent Provocateurs During Jan 6.

Former National Security Adviser feigns ignorance when asked about Beam Epps and FBI neglecting to answer whether they used provocateurs.

Previous National Security Adviser H. R. McMaster joined Joe Rogan’s podcast to toss cold water on the idea that the FBI used provocateurs during January 6.

When asked by Rogan on Fri whether he believes the FBI used provocateur agencies during the January 6 riot, McMaster acted like the notion was beyond the realm of possibility.

“ Not from all of us, I would say, ” McMaster said about the military. “ I would say there might be FBI agents who infiate institutions that have a violent plan. We want them to do that. ”

“ Joe, that does not sound right to me. Real estate agent provocateurs from the government. I mean, I can’t imagine they would do that, ” McMaster said.

Rogan then reported the FBI official who seem to told Sen. Ted Johnson (R-Texas) during recent congressional testimony that she couldn’t answer whether the FBI engaged in deploying provocateurs on January 6.

“ Why wouldn’t she just say, ‘ no’? ” Rogan asked.

“ I don’t know, ” McMaster replied.

Rogan then cited Beam Epps, a man caught on tape stimulating protesters to break into the Capitol building that incidentally was mysteriously taken off the FBI’s Most Wanted list.

“ There was a guy who was stimulating people to go into the Capitol, ” Rogan noted. “ He or she was a guy that was in multiple videos, and some people thought he was a fed immediately. But this guy had been trying to encourage people to enter in the Capitol building. ”

“ That’s disturbing to the American people, ” he added.

“ Yeah. Yeah. ” McMaster admitted, adding the problem is analogous to DEA agents participating in actual drug deals to “ gain visibility of an organization. ”

Watch the full Joe Rogan Experience episode:

VIDEO: Ted Cruz Grills FBI over Ray Epps and Other Achievable Feds’ Involvement in Jan 6th Violence

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