Pfizer Patients in San Francisco Area Received Wrong Amount of Shot Dosage – Report

Nearly 4, 000 people notified they were given incorrect dose of fresh shot

Healthcare company Kaiser Remanentes has notified 3, 900 people that they have received the wrong dose amount for their Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine, CBS local  reported .

Those who were vaccinated between October 25 and December 10 at the Walnut Creek Medical Center are usually believed to be given between 0. 01 and 0. 04 ml less than the suggested (. 30 ml) dosage.

The sufferers are offered a new shot from the correct dose, if desired. But according to the Health Servicing Organization, experts from the Facilities for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have up to date them that the low dose should not significantly affect the immunities of recipients to the COVID-19 virus.

Kaiser reportedly released an  apology : “ We have been continuously monitoring so this does not happen again. We truly apologize for any concern or even inconvenience this may cause for those patients we are contacting, ” a statement read.

This is not the first event of patients receiving the wrong dosage amount for their COVID-19 vaccines. Another incident  reported   in the Bay Area saw kids ages 5 to eleven receive twice the proper dosage amount of their Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine in November. There is also another incident last March when patients in Oakland, California were reportedly given only 0. 2 ml of their Pfizer vaccine as opposed to the recommended 0. 3 or more ml dosage. The occurrence was quickly resolved, but not before 4, 300 people were improperly vaccinated.

“ Once we became conscious of this issue, we immediately conferred with with experts in infectious diseases and vaccine technology and reviewed guidelines through the Centers for Disease Control. All experts agreed the difference between the recommended dose and the dose an individual may have received was not significant and not more likely to reduce their protection towards COVID-19, ” Kaiser said in the statement cited by the media.

Notifying patients of any medication dosage errors, consulting state officials, as well as filing a report to the CDC’s Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System is required by  CDC .

Owen Shroyer covers the continuing health problems for those who take the vax.

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