Survey: TSA Allows Illegals to Use Deportation & Arrest Arrest warrants As ID At International airports Across America

More proof the company is nothing but security movie theater

A shocking admission by the Transportation Security Administration reveals illegal immigrants are allowed to make use of their arrest warrant or even deportation warrant as a form of identification when flying in america.

Because of a request by Conservative Texas Rep. Lance Gooden written in December of 2021, TSA Administrator David Pekoske answered some questions concerning the agency’s policies when determining non-citizens without U. S. government-issued documents.

Rep. Gooden shared the TSA letter with the Every day Caller News Foundation , and told the outlet, “ TSA’s response verifies the Biden Administration can be knowingly putting our nationwide security at risk. Unknown plus unvetted immigrants shouldn’t actually be in the country, much less traveling without proper identification. ”

According to the Texas congressman, a “ Warrant with regard to Arrest of Alien” along with a “ Warrant of Removal/Deportation” are suitable forms of id when going through the TSA.

From January. 1, 2021 to April. 31, 2021, the TSA processed 45, 577 non-citizens looking to validate their DHS documents.

This averages out to 159 passengers per day.

The particular agency created after the 9/11 attacks to allegedly maintain America safe from travel-related terror threats is now assisting criminal illegal immigrants within maneuvering across the nation.

Congresswoman Lauren Boebert (R-CO) mocked the news upon Twitter Wednesday, writing, “ In D. C., you need a photo ID to go in to a restaurant, but illegal aliens can board a airplane using an arrest warrant. ”

See the documents below:

It’s no surprise Biden’s approval rating is within the gutter.

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