South African Scientists Confirm Boosters Offer Little Protection From Omicron

On Monday,   a team of Israeli scientists  publicized research showing that a second booster dose from the Moderna or Pfizer mRNA vaccines doesn’ t bestow complete immunity from the omicron variant. Now, just times later, their conclusion appears to have been corroborated by a team of South African researchers from your University of Cape City and Stellenbosch University […]#@@#@!!

On Monday,   a team associated with Israeli scientists   publicized research showing that will even a second booster dose of the Moderna or Pfizer mRNA vaccines doesn’t bestow complete immunity from the omicron variant.

Now, just days later on, their conclusion appears to have been corroborated by a team of Southern African researchers from the University of Cape Town plus Stellenbosch University who noticed seven individuals who had been contaminated with the omicron variant regardless of having been “ boosted”. The particular patients represented the first recognized cases of breakthrough infections by omicron, the experts told  the Lancet , the British healthcare journal where their findings were published.

Keep in mind, the South Africa team used a very various approach. First of all, the patients they examined had only received a single booster dosage (unlike with the Israeli research, which focused on patients which had received two doses).

As for the study’s subjects, all of them were white, and four were participating in medical schooling at Cape Town hospitals. The other three were on holiday. They were all between the age groups of 25 and 39, and none of them could be categorized as “ obese”, or had any other relevant medical history. All of them had tested unfavorable before arriving in Shawl Town, and none of them got reported a prior round of COVID infection.

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5 of them had received 3 doses of the COVID shot made by Pfizer and BioNTech. One had received the dose of the Moderna jab followed by Pfizer for the following jabs. Another received the AstraZeneca jab then turned over to Pfizer.

All of the subjects reported respiratory symptoms starting between November. 30 and Dec. 2; they ultimately experienced slight or moderate disease. The existence of the group of Germans offered a “ unique opportunity” that researchers quickly jumped on, since the seven people represented the first known instances of omicron breakthrough infection involving patients who had already been boosted.

“ The presence of this group from Germany provided a unique opportunity to study omicron breakthrough infections in people with mRNA vaccine boosters, ” the researchers said.

“ Robust CD4 and CD8 T-cell responses” were detected in the topics, the researchers said within reference to an additional line of your immune system’s defenses besides the production of antibodies. “ The mild to moderate course of illness suggests that full vaccination followed by a booster dose still provides good protection against severe illness caused by omicron, ” someone said.

The news hit shares of Pfizer and Moderna, the two greatest producers of mRNA jabs.

The findings eventually demonstrated “ insufficient avoidance of symptomatic infection within otherwise healthy individuals who experienced received three doses of COVID-19 mRNA vaccines. ” Furthermore, the findings backed the need for “ updated vaccines to provide better protection against symptomatic infection”. Pfizer plus Moderna have already promised in order to roll out retooled versions of the jabs specifically designed to protect towards omicron. But at this point within the pandemic, it’s unclear when the new jabs will be available  before COVID finally makes the jump from “ pandemic” to “ endemic”.

Readers can read more about the team’s findings below:

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