Starbucks Joins Growing List of Companies Abandoning Vax Mandate Right after SCOTUS Ruling

Coffee giant employs nearly 230, 500 workers in U. S.

An additional company has abandoned its plans for a vaccination require and mandatory routine tests roughly one week after the Best Court  killed President Biden’s plans to enforce a corporate vax mandate through OSHA.

To wit, Starbucks has joined up with the ranks of American megacorps including  General Electric   in rejecting vaccine mandates by pausing its plans in order to require baristas to get vaccinated, or receive weekly assessment. The decision was reported shortly before President Joe Biden blasted the SCOTUS judgment as a “ mistake” throughout his Wednesday press briefing.

Instead, Starbucks says it will “ strongly encourage” baristas to get vaxxed while encouraging them to reveal their vaccination status. Culver said in the letter that more than 90% of workers already disclosed if they have been vaccinated. Meanwhile, the “ vast majority” have been completely vaccinated, according to  CNBC.

Starbucks employs some 228K people across the US.

Starbucks told employees on Wednesday it would no more allow baristas to wear towel masks to work. Instead, they have to wear at least one three-ply, medical-grade mask, or an N95, KN95 or KF94 face mask. Furthermore, the company said that starting Thursday, it plans to temporarily expand its policy of requiring workers to self-isolation policy. That means baristas who are exposed at work, possess ongoing close contact with someone who tests positive, have symptoms or have tested positive is going to be instructed to self-isolate, regardless of vaccination status. These employees will be eligible for Starbucks’ self-isolation pay for missed shifts.

John Culver, the COO and the North American group president, said in the letter that more than 90% of workers had already revealed if they have been vaccinated, and the “ vast majority” are fully vaccinated.

“ While the [Emergency Temporary Standard] is now paused, I want to emphasize that we carry on and believe strongly in the nature and intent of the requirement, ” Culver said in the letter to the company’s baristas that was viewed by CNBC.

We all suspect Starbucks won’t be the final American corporate giant to announce that it is abandoning the vaccination requirement. The decision comes as new research out of Israel and South Africa illustrates precisely how ineffective mRNA vaccines are in preventing people from being infected with the omicron version.

Owen Shroyer covers the continuing health problems for individuals who take the vax.

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