This really is America: NYPD Arrests 9-Year-Old Girl & Five Other people For Entering Museum associated with Natural History Without Vax Passport

Disturbing video highlights the absurdity of draconian vaccine passport mandates

A group of anti-vaccine mandate and anti-vax passport protesters were arrested Wed night for entering New York City’s Museum of Organic History without showing their particular vaccine passports.

Despite securing a reservation at the museum, security refused to let the group inside without showing the vaccine passport.

One woman named Joy spoke her mind while demonstrating inside the building, saying, “ We should be able to, because New York City residents, to access the particular amenities and the services that this city holds because I pay taxes. ”

“ I should be permitted to access this, but Now i’m not allowed to, ” the girl added. “ It’s John Crow all over again. ”

Another protester, Paul, said he has been visiting the museum since he was obviously a child.

He or she continued, saying, “ They have hard to process being kept out, as someone who worked well for museum security regarding nine years at the MET, it twists my thoughts into knots and the heart as well that we are going to at this point in history. ”

At a single point, an argument broke away when security refused in order to let a woman in the protesting group use the restroom.

The employees ultimately agreed to escort her to the bathroom and back.

Eventually, NYPD officers arrived and caught six demonstrators altogether, including a nine-year-old girl named Jayla who cried as police walked her to some squad car.

“ You are traumatizing just a little child, ” protesters informed the police. “ This is child abuse! ”

Musician and activist Jimmy Levy published a video of Jayla as well as the other demonstrators being released through jail, writing, “ We are so proud of you Jayla! Stay strong for all of us! She actually is doing ok, I just talked to her incredible mom Maria! Everyone else is ok as well! God is watching almost everything going on in this Aching Entire world, there will be consequences for those who dedicated the crimes against mankind, as well as those who stayed silent during them! ”

In the video footage of Jayla being released, she can be seen hugging her buddy, a wheelchair-bound activist named Julie who was ticketed by police earlier this week intended for trying to eat dinner at a Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. restaurant.

Julie talked with Owen Shroyer on Wednesday’s broadcast of War Space to further details the ongoing political fight New Yorkers are currently engaged in.

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