Tucker Carlson: ‘Civilization Collapsing Within Real Time’ Thanks To Democrat Policies

“If you destroy the nuclear family, that they have; if you decriminalize medications, which they have; if you give away tents and needles to addicts, what do you think’s going to happen? You’re going to get more addicts living in tents, ” says Fox News web host.

Fox Information host Tucker Carlson hammered the Democrats over their radical social policies which are causing “ civilization to collapse in real time. ”

Carlson described in his Tuesday monologue associated with “ Tucker Carlson Tonight” how the rampant explosion of homelessness in Democrat-run metropolitan areas is one of the most visible symptoms of society imploding, and it began years ago.

“ What you’re watching the following is civilization collapsing in real-time, and it’s not new. Movie our producers shot within Los Angeles in the spring of 2019, almost three years ago, show homeless encampments the downtown area on three separate prevents, ” Carlson said.

“ No matter what they tell you, homelessness is not an act of God. Decades the result of economic collapse within this country, America did not be depleted of housing. ”

“ Instead, the determined group of well-funded ideologues decided to make it easier to survive the streets in this nation while doing drugs, ” he explained. “ Consequently , many more people now survive the streets while performing drugs. ”

Carlson then showed a written report highlighting how scores of robbers are looting millions of dollars associated with merchandise from cargo locomotives in California.

“ Well, in response to this, Gov. Gavin Newsom introduced another $12 billion within state funding to ‘ fight homelessness. ‘ How’d that work? ” Carlson asked.

“ This is what California got for $12 billion, not fewer destitute, just better funded destitute, and thousands more of all of them, ” he said. “ So like COVID plus Oxycontin and virtually anything else that’s wrecking the country our ancestors built, this is a produced crisis. It didn’t happen by accident. People paid for this. ”

Carlson then turned to New York, in which he explained how Democrat authorities are pouring billions of dollars into homelessness projects, which are in turn leading to more homelessness and crime.

“ In New York, officials have given drug addicts concern over virtually everyone else in the city. A lot of working bad in New York, we must be celebrating them. The city basically. It’s ignoring them, ” Carlson said.

“ So where’s all of this money going specifically? At this point, we could talk about this all day, but here’s just one example. That money is going to a good overdose prevention center. Preventing overdoses, which in fact means helping the homeless obtain high. ”

“ What does that inform you? It tells you that incentives work, ” he carried on. “ If you destroy the nuclear family, which they have; if you decriminalize drugs, which they have; if you hand out tents and needles to addicts, what do you think’s likely to happen? You’re going to get more addicts living in tents. ”

The solution, Carlson stated, is for the people to stand up against the increasingly egregious situations in the city.

“ Here’s a solution: Prevent putting up with it. Say no, ” Carlson said. “ No, you can’t smoke meth in the park. You’re not permitted to crap on the sidewalk. Pull up your pants and get the hell out of here. Move somewhere with lower requirements. Head for a place exactly where politicians don’t care about their own people because we perform care. And that’s why we’re carrying your tent to a landfill and cutting off your inspections today. You are a medication addict. Get a job or leave. This is our city. You are not allowed to wreck it. You didn’t build it. ”

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