View: Canadian Children Taught In order to “Call Police” On The Unvaccinated

A pair of children on Canadian television display the results associated with far-left brainwashing

Disturbing footage from a live-audience television show out of Quebec, Canada highlights the Twilight Zone-level humanity has reached thanks to Covid.

Posted to Tweets by Digital rebel News reporter Ezra Levant, the video shows a young boy and his old sister being asked if they believe in mandatory Covid shots.

Levant called the pair of indoctrinated Canadians “ Hitlerjugend, ” or the Hitler Youth.

The children, who said they’ve each had one dose of the experimental jab, enthusiastically yelled, “ Yes! ” according to the compulsory shot issue.

The children’s mother then chimed within, sarcastically saying, “ It looks like I drill them. ”

Following, the show’s host inquired the kids what society must do with people who don’t wish the vaccine, and the youthful boy said, “ We should call the police. ”

“ Yes! ” other adults on the phase blurted at this response.

The young lady answered, “ If they don’t have the vaccine, it can make a lot of people in danger, so like what the government does right now. We should cut everything from them slowly and gradually until they submit and get vaccinated. ”

The live masses applauded the child’s solution and a trendy man onstage clapped enthusiastically.

The global elite are instruction millions of people to think of the unvaccinated as their enemy as they get ready to launch a created fight worldwide.

Meanwhile, Canadian patriots are taking the real revolution to the streets.

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