Watch: Non-Binary Activists On Dr . Phil Can’t Even Answer, “What Is A Woman? ”

“It’s to each their own, ” one guest said.

During Wednesday’s edition of the “ Doctor Phil” show, conservative commentator Matt Walsh exposed the trans community’s pronoun nonsense.

Walsh recently released an Amazon chart-topping children’s book that pushes back against the LGBTQ movement confusing kids with gender fluidity.

Walsh appeared on the program to debate a non-binary married couple who have become LGBT activists.

Beginning to explain his stance, Walsh told the couple that they can feel they are whatever gender they want, but that doesn’t change reality.

“ I possibly could sit here and say I feel like a tomato plant, but that doesn’t mean that I actually am those things, ” he said. “ So , you can have whatever self-perception you need, but you can’t expect me to take part in that self-perception or to take part in this kind of charade, this theatrical production. ”

“ That you do not get your own pronouns, ” Walsh continued. “ Just like you don’t get your prepositions or your own adjectives. It’s like if I told you, ‘ My adjectives are handsome and brilliant, and whenever you’re talking about me you have to use describe me as handsome and brilliant because that’s the way I identify. It makes no sense. You don’t get to pick your pronouns, that’s grammar, that’s language. ”

Continuing to focus on language, Walsh noted that most people espousing left-wing gender ideology cannot even answer simple questions such as, “ What is a girl? ”

Attempting to answer this elementary question, one of many non-binary Dr . Phil guests muttered, “ No, I can’t because it’s not for me to express. Womanhood looks different for everyone. ”

Another non-binary guest asked Walsh for his definition of woman, and he quickly answered, “ An adult human female. ”

The guest then asked, “ What does a female mean? ”

Walsh took this question as an opportunity to explain how being male or female “ goes right down to your bones, your DNA. ”

He noted, “ That’s why if someone dies, we could dig up their bones a hundred years from now, we have no idea the thing that was in their head, but we could tell what sex these were because it’s ingrained in to every fiber of their being. ”

Next, the conservative journalist and author asked one of the guests to explain what it means when they state, “ Trans women are women, ” when they can’t even define the word woman.

After admitting they “ can’t define” the word woman, Walsh criticized the non-binary activist for using a word without knowing what it means.

“ Womanhood is an umbrella term, ” the activist said before Walsh interrupted, “ That defines what? ”

“ People who identify as a woman, ” the activist responded.

A frustrated Walsh asked, “ Individuals who identify as what? ”

“ As a woman, ” the guest replied.

“ What is that? ” Walsh pressed.

“ It’s to each their own. Each person is going to define it differently, and so, trans women are women too, ” the activist regurgitated aging talking points as the crowd applauded the generic tagline.

Ending the segment, the activist accused Walsh of reducing men and women to their genetics and genitals.

Walsh argued the non-binary activist is appropriating womanhood and turning it into a costume.

Shoutout to Dr . Phil for allowing Matt Walsh to expose the ridiculousness of the LGBT movement for all to see.

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