‘Metaverse’ Will Lead to Isolation, PlayStation’s ‘Father’ Warns

“Being in the real world is very important”

PlayStation inventor Ken Kutaragi has dismissed the idea of the virtual ‘ metaverse’ as the next big frontier in the tech industry, leveling particular criticism at the need for  “ annoying”   headgear displays to transport consumers between the real world and cyber worlds.  

Kutaragi, a former Sony executive who is sometimes referred to as the ‘ Father of the PlayStation’ after kick-starting the tech giant’s gaming business in 1993, told Bloomberg on Thursday  that he   “ can’t see the point”   of the metaverse because of its isolation from the real world.

“ Being in the real world is very important, but the metaverse is about making quasi-real in the virtual world, and I can’t see the point to do it, ”   said the 71-year-old, who now heads Ascent Robotics, a Tokyo-based artificial intelligence startup.

“ You’ll rather be a polished avatar instead of your real self? That’s essentially no different from anonymous message board sites. ”

Instead, Kutaragi said his  “ life’s mission”   was to combine the two realms together in a gadget-less manner similar to the holograms seen in the Star Wars movie franchise. He informed Bloomberg that Ascent’s advancement robots and sensors to collect real-world visual data had been geared towards this goal.

The comments come at a time when tech majors such as Facebook’s parent company Meta, Microsoft, Apple, and even Sony’s PlayStation division are in a race to bring out virtual-reality headsets in order to corner the particular emerging market. Large manufacturers such as Nike and Adidas and retailers like Walmart are also reportedly exploring techniques for virtual commerce.

But Kutaragi stated he  “ can’t agree”   with the need for  “ simply annoying”   headsets, claiming that these  “ would isolate a person from the real world. ”   Besides using his programs to create a  “ revolution in e-commerce, ”   he told Bloomberg this individual hopes to use the technology to recreate meeting locations in the real world that would permit people to socialize remotely without needing headgear.

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