Whoa! Mexican News Anchor Freaks Out On Unvaccinated “Morons”

“At least put on a damned face mask! ” he or she shouted.

A Mexican news anchor lost his cool on camera during a recent document when he cussed plus screamed at unvaccinated residents.

Telediario Guadalajara’s Leonardo Schwebel ranted, “ Freedom does not mean a person screw others. ”

“ You bloody anti-vaxxers, collection of morons, ” he continued, flailing their arms like a madman. “ Stop your nonsense with least put on a darned face mask! Stop hitting the smashes for the entire world. ”

Following, Schwebel approached the digital camera and waved his little finger at the lens, screaming, “ Yes, you, anti-vaxxer are an imbecilic moron! Put on a goddamn mask. I’m done. ”

After the outburst, Schwebel defended their comments, telling  Telediaro , “ Sometimes you have to shout for people to get on. ”

The particular fury unleashed by the Mexico-based news anchor personifies the particular hatred felt by many people on the left.

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