December 6, 2022

California. Gov Newsom & Top Dems Flout Mask Require While Mingling With Stars At NFL Championship Sport

Elitist politicians, athletes and actors do whatever they want while the peasants are forced to obey or even be punished

In what would be a PAGE RANK nightmare if Democrat politicians cared about their community image, California’s top politicians were spotted violating their own Covid mandates by collecting maskless indoors this weekend.

Liberal Governor Gavin Newsom and Democrat Mayors London Variety of San Francisco and Los Angeles’ Eric Garcetti were all of photographed hugging NBA legend Magic Johnson while going to Sunday’s NFC Championship sport between the Los Angeles Rams and San Francisco 49ers.

Actor Rob Lowe can also be seen enjoying the elitist, unmasked company.

California is currently under a statewide mask requirement and the Los Angeles Rams arena requires almost all guests, even those under 5-years-old, wear a cover up at all times.

The Rams’ SoFi Stadium will also host the Super Bowl in a couple of weeks where just about all attendees will be given KN95 masks and will be asked to show proof of vaccination or a detrimental PCR test taken within 48 hours before the video game.

Will California’s upper echelon ignore the rules again at the NFL’s biggest game of the year?

Politicians and others online pointed out the blatant hypocrisy, such as California Republican Senator Melissa Melendez, who wrote, “ Toddlers are being forced to wear masks all day long at school. Maybe one day they’ll be chief excutive or the mayor of UNA and they won’t have the follow the rules they impose upon others. ”

A reporter from RedState alleged Newsom failed to show a vaccine cards when entering the arena.

Newsom responded to the controversy on Monday, claiming he wore the cover up at all times other than during the photo with Magic.

While even many Democrats are upset that politicians aren’t following their own rules, what they fail to realize is that these politicians do it because they know the whole Covid fearmongering campaign is a fraud.

Owen Shroyer guest hosts The particular Alex Jones Show in order to down the clip of California Governor Gavin Newson surprised at the third-world status associated with his state after struggling collapse at the hands of leftist policies.

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