December 6, 2022

Epic! Brave Grandma Rips Mask Off Grocery Thief, Stops Robbery

This lady has more guts compared to most men nowadays!

A man shot as an elderly lady moved her grocery cart when it comes to a man who was trying to steal an entire shopping cart loaded with meals.

“ Excuse me, ” the woman mentioned, moving her cart in order to block the man. “ I am just fed up with your bullshit, ” the feisty grandma mentioned, ripping the man’s face mask off his face.

“ Take that will fucking mask off, asshole, ” she added.

The man who filmed the encounter then snapped up the thief’s basket and stopped him from making, saying, “ Take your shit and go. ”

Frustrated and conquered, the criminal grabbed their backpack and left with no his loot.

The place of this attempted theft happens to be unknown, but thanks to leftist crime policies, grab-and-dash thefts are on the rise around America.

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