December 6, 2022

Ryanair Says Masks on Planes to Become Permanent Like Anti-Terror Rules

Post-COVID will be like post-9/11.

Budget flight Ryanair says that cover up mandates on planes will end up as ingrained as post-9/11 rules about liquids within carry on bags, suggesting they will basically become permanent.

The comments on face coverings were produced by Neil Sorahan, the airline’s finance chief, who suggested rules put in place to combat COVID-19 will become fixed similarly to measures introduced after the terror attack on America in 2001.

“ Masks will be something which will be with us for a while longer to come. If that is the cost we have to pay for the next couple of months, into summer – it’s a small price to pay, ” said Sorahan.

“ It’s a bit such as after 9/11, we ended up with our toiletries in plastic bags, maybe we’ll need to live with masks for a while lengthier, ” he added.

The company lost in between 1 . 5m and 2m customers after tough restrictions were imposed to battle Omicron, despite the variant proving to be mild.

Ryanair’s CEO Michael O’Leary has repeatedly lobbied for unvaccinated people to be discriminated against, asserting they should be ostracized from society, not allowed to travel, go to the supermarket to get food, or the pharmacy to get medicine.

Mask requires were introduced despite preliminary assertions by experts that they would have no impact on stopping the spread of the pathogen.

The evidence of their effectiveness is suspicious at best.

The UK government’s own investigation found that the evidence for the efficacy of face masks preventing the spread of COVID-19 in schools is “ not conclusive. ”

We previously reported on the comments of UNITED KINGDOM government SAGE adviser Dr Colin Axon, who terminated masks as “ convenience blankets” that do virtually nothing, noting that the COVID-19 virus particle is up to 5, 500 times smaller than the holes in the mask.

“ The small sizes aren’t easily understood but a good imperfect analogy would be to envision marbles fired at builders’ scaffolding, some might hit a pole and come back, but obviously most may fly through, ” Axon said.

A study in Denmark involving 6, 000 participants also found that “ there was no statistically significant difference between those who used masks and those who did not when it came to being infected by Covid-19, ” the Spectator reported .

Once we previously highlighted , a speech therapist said that mask wearing throughout the pandemic has caused the 364% increase in patient recommendations of babies and toddlers who have created cognitive difficulties as a result of grown ups wearing face coverings.

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