December 6, 2022

Spirit Airlines Forces Passenger To pay “Offensive” Let’s Go Brandon Mask

Free speech is under attack

A Nature Airlines passenger traveling from Cleveland to Tampa on Monday filmed as personnel asked him to cover their face mask because it was “ offensive” to them.

Adam Radogna wore an LED mask reading through, “ Let’s go Brandon, ” along with the letters “ FJB”, which stands for “ Fuck Joe Biden. ”

When Radogna asked why he had to hide his mask, a stewardess told him, “ Since it’s offensive to some people. ”

The particular Spirit Airlines customer after that reluctantly put a glowing blue medical mask over their LED one.

A man sitting next to Radogna agreed that the airline was in the wrong for censoring the particular man’s free speech.

Radogna joked the fact that man’s NFL face mask offended him.

“ This is not American anymore, ” he told the digital camera.

When the plane got, Radogna again tried getting an answer from the airline’s staff.

The Soul Airlines employees told him the mask was not permitted because it was a “ political stance, ” and then asked him to stop filming.

It’s important to film these encounters in order to reveal the anti-free speech still left.

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