December 6, 2022

Truckers Form Blockade at US-Canada Border as Trudeau Gov’t Sends SWAT Units

Covid-crazed bureaucrats having a standoff with a pissed off working class

A large convoy of truckers on Monday blockaded a US-Canada border crossing outside Alberta leading to the capital of Ottawa .

The massive blockade began as a trucker protest at the Coutts, Alberta-Sweet Grass, Montana border crossing in support of the Freedom Convoy in Ottawa over the week-end.

The blockade was formed along the southbound lane of Alberta Highway 4 that connects Calgary, Albert to Helena, Montana.

On Monday, Canadian authorities responded by sending police and towing vehicles to intimidate the truckers.

Facing fines of $10, 000 for a first offense or $25, 000, as well as jail time for a second, the blockade organizers prayed over their difficult decision to disperse or remain.

They decided to maintain the blockade but agreed to open the northbound lane allowing vehicles to come and go.

One trucker explained that the authorities initially “ didn’t want to negotiate”, however now that they opened up a lane, their blockade no longer violates the Alberta Traffic Safety Act.

“ We’re going to open the northbound lane and let the guys come out of the U. S., we’re going to let them go, but they have to open up a lane on their end to let our guys leave, because we’re actually boxed in right now, ” that he said.

“ Anybody that really wants to leave can leave, anyone that wants to stay, can stay. This way, it’s exactly about freedom, ” he added.

Tensions reportedly eased a bit as negotiations started to open.

Alberta Premier Jason Kenney had denounced the blockade on Twitter, calling it a “ significant inconvenience” for lawful motorists.

Certainly, the truckers would argue that government-mandated vaccines and lockdowns are also a “ significant inconvenience” to their freedom.

This comes as Trudeau on Monday denounced the Freedom Convoy as “ violent”, “ hateful” and “ racist” from his undisclosed safe house in a televised address.

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