December 6, 2022

View: Local News Is A Globalist Propaganda Machine

“This is extremely dangerous to our Democracy”

The compilation video going virus-like online exposes local popular media outlets for parroting establishment narratives word for word.

Who is creating these blatantly scripted speaking points, and who is distributing them to small newsrooms across the nation?

“ That it is all scripted y’all, ” author and producer Jason Shurka wrote on Instagram Sunday. “ There are not really ‘ separate’ stations. They may be get their scripts from the same place. ”

Similar compilations have been produced in the past, but this one is especially ironic considering the news anchors are claiming social networking outlets are responsible for the distribute of “ biased and false news. ”

“ More mind boggling, some media outlets post these same fake stories with out checking facts first, ” several talking heads on channels around the nation repetitive.

Do these types of media companies “ look into the facts” when they are passed down reports to read on the surroundings?

The scripted notice also condemned some pundits for using social media to “ push their very own personal bias and plan to control exactly what people believe. ”

“ This is extremely dangerous to our Democracy, ” the press members echoed.

Ironically, these on-screen teleprompter readers are pushing an agenda literally dictated to them in an effort to control what people think.

Specifically, they are seeking to limit the information citizens get access to in order to prevent them through coming to a self-researched choice.

This is a primary example of Project Mockingbird nevertheless at work.

Citizen journalists have got provided amazing videos proving the magnitude of Canada’s anti-mandate protests.  

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