December 6, 2022

Outrageous Footage: Alleged Child Predator Tackled & Arrested After Fleeing, Wrecking Car Within Parking Lot

YouTube predator seeker captures insane video

The crazy video uploaded from the YouTube channel People v Preds. shows a produced man who was said to be conference a 13-year-old boy to get sex having a public freakout before ultimately being caught.

The undercover predator hunter acquired messaged the individual while appearing as a teen boy, as well as the 21-year-old eventually orchestrated a meeting with the child where the set would smoke crystal meth and have intercourse.

Upon becoming confronted while “ shopping” in a pharmacy, the thought child predator was instantly hostile and afraid.

Oddly, the store’s security and another employee defended the man despite the YouTuber telling them he was there to meet an underage male for sex.

In fact , the pharmacy workers called the YouTuber “ a freak” for filming and confronting the man.

Once he produced a purchase at the store, the alleged pedo anxiously ran through the parking lot shrieking before falling to the ground and flailing.

After entering their vehicle, the 21-year-old rapidly backed out of his car parking space and collided having a tree.

Pursuing the destruction of the tree within the parking lot, the individual sped off and hit an additional car parked nearby.

The YouTuber screamed, “ Call the police, ” as the suspected predator parked and exited his automobile.

A bystander who may have seen the two accidents chased after the fleeing man and tackled him towards the ground.

People detained the individual while police were called and when law enforcement searched the car, they discovered children’s dolls, a smoking cigarettes device and what looked like crystal meth.

The messages between the decoy set up by the Youtuber and the man arrested in the video are usually shown at the end of the Youtube . com post.

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