‘Global Fascism’: Dr . Malone Breaks Down The World Economic Forum’s Globalist Agenda

Is the entire world “ok with becoming serfs in a techno-fascist situation in which the global financial elite manage everything you do? Is that the world you want to live in? ” this individual asks.

Dr . Robert Malone, scientist and inventor of the mRNA technology used in the COVID injections, is certainly sounding the alarm regarding the World Economic Forum’s (WEF) plan for “ global fascism. ”

In a Thursday interview with Rebel News, Dr . Malone voiced his support for your Canadian Trucker Convoy and broke down how that movement is undermining the “ heavy-handed totalitarianism” of the WEF’s Great Reset.

“ For me, it’s the truckers’ emphasis on medical autonomy, ” Malone said. “ The particular science is on the side from the Canadian and US Truck drivers. ”

“ What comes out on the other side really depends on if people value personal autonomy, and it depends on if are they’re prepared to step up and fight for it — or are they ok with becoming serfs in a techno-fascist situation where the global monetary elite control everything you perform? Is that the world you want to live in? Is that the world you want your kids to live in? Because that may be what’s at stake here. ”

Malone highlighted how the WEF’s Great Reset model is essentially a sophisticated form of corporate fascism first outlined by WWII Italian master Benito Mussolini.

“ There’s a quote absolutely attributed to Benito Mussolini concerning this logic of public-private partnerships and fusion between the corporatus and the state: He calls it fascism, ” Malone explained.

“ The originator associated with fascism explicitly said exactly the same logic: that there should be a good alliance, a partnership – a fusion – between your interests of state plus global government. ”

“ He actually suggested that a better phrase than fascism, is Corporatism; that’s what the World Financial Forum attempts to advance is a global fascism – a worldwide corporatism – they don’t conceal it. They use different phrases, but I’m pretty dug in on trying to use plain talk, that people understand, and not hiding things at the rear of fancy words, ” he or she added.

WEF founder Klaus Schwab lately spoke on the Global Government Summit to market the Great Reset , insisting that the “ COVID crisis” is the perfect vector to completely transform energy, food, and provide chain systems in what he calls the “ 4th Industrial Revolution. ”

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