25% of British 3-Year-Olds Possess a Social Media Profile

16% of 3-4 year-olds reportedly using TikTok

A quarter of 3-year-olds in the UK possess a social media profile.

This is according to the 2021  survey   of parents by the UK communications regulator Ofcom.

Since Statista’s Martin Armstrong details below , despite many social media sites setting their particular recommended minimum age in 13, as much as 80 percent of 12-year-olds have some type of profile and, as the infographic below illustrates, at simply no age from 3 onwards are the figures below one particular quarter of all children within the survey.

With regards to specific platform use, Ofcom states:

“ Children aged 8-11 were more likely to have users on  TikTok   (34 percent) and YouTube (27 percent).

TikTok in particular is growing in popularity, even among the youngest age groups; 16 percent of 3-4 year-olds and 29 percent of 5-7s use the platform. ”

Overall, of all children aged 3 in order to 17,   YouTube   is the most popular service (89 percent make use of it).

While for some, the video sharing system may not be considered a traditional kind of social media, TikTok certainly can be, and attracted 50 percent associated with UK 3-17-year-olds in 2021.

The research also showed that  only a 3rd of parents were aware of the correct minimum age requirement of social media.

In addition to that, among those who had a profile that were under the minimum age group requirement, “ significant minorities” of the younger children claimed to get set up their social media users themselves.

Even as we previously covered, most social networking platforms have been found to have  a net negative effect on young individuals mental health .

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