Biden COVID Czar: Little Kids Should Still Wear Masks Because CDC Says So

Illegal immigrants, not really

The Biden Administration’s ‘ COVID Coordinator’ announced Thursday that little kids should still be wearing masks in school because the ‘ experts’ say so , but claimed that lifting all restrictions for migrants crossing the border is different.

Dr . Ashish Jha claimed that Biden lifting the Title 42 health authority, instated by Leader Trump, while simultaneously extending mask requires for Americans makes sense because of ‘ various standards’.

Sibel News anchor Neil Cavuto said “ I’d like to address this whole Title 42 situation with you, doctor. Because there seems to be a different standard regarding migrants or those on the border, where we might release that at a time when we are tightening requirements here. ”

“ Now i’m just wondering your thoughts upon that and whether Americans are usually right to feel that there’s a double standard, ” Cavuto inquired.

Jha responded, “ The way I view it is, first of all, if you seem across the country, if you look at the CDC map, 97% of the country is in green. There are not very many restrictions. And the CDC scientists determined, on Title 42, that it was an appropriate period, from a public health point of view, to lift the Name 42 restrictions. ”

OK, CDC says so. Any science to back it up?

No, look at the big chart. OK. Carry on.

“ We have always a new bit of a different standard upon transportation, in the sense that we know when you’re sitting on an aircraft, the person sitting next to a person, if they’re coughing, could possibly be sneezing, you can’t get up and move. So , we’ve usually wanted to be extra careful on public transportation, airlines, ” Jha continued.

Jha added “ Which, I think, is part of what exactly is motivating the CDC researchers here to say, let’s consider two more weeks, take a look at get a sense of what’s going on. They really are pretty different situations. And I think that’s what is generating the CDC decision-making with this. ”

Jha continued, “ I think what we heard from the CDC immediately is a little more time to make a stronger decision. It struck me personally as eminently reasonable. ”


COVID bad when People in america on transport, not bad whenever migrants crossing border. OK, got it.

Cavuto then asked, “ Do you think little kids should use masks, doctor? ”

Jha responded “ That is what both the United states Academy of Pediatrics suggests, that’s what the CDC recommends. So , I really do follow the experts on this. And I believe that, if America’s pediatricians make those recommendations, I’m definitely going to take that fairly seriously. ”

Masks good on little American kids in universities, restrictions not needed for migrant workers crossing border because ‘ experts’ say so , OK got it.


Full interview:

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