Fundamental Solutions To Our Economic Problems That Establishment Elites Won’t Allow

A deeper look into: backing the dollar with tough commodities, the return manufacturing, and the repercussions of permitting states to establish their own banking institutions & currencies.

I think one of the great misconceptions about economic crisis is that solutions are always dependent on centralized government action.

In truth, the majority of financial disasters are actually caused by too much government action plus involvement.

Central banks like the Government Reserve are also primary culprits; as I outlined in  last week’s article   their machinations, which usually are  independent of government oversight , fall under the category of deliberate sabotage. The Fed bankrolls problem through fiat money development while government officials plus corporations utilize that cash to wreak havoc on our living standards.

Ending the Fed would certainly solve the fiat cash problem, but there’s nevertheless a host of agenda-driven politicians and bureaucrats to deal with before our own nation can right the particular ship.

1 clear way to fix our bodies would be to first force authorities to interfere less. As being a point of reference, consider the common media narratives surrounding the covid pandemic. Combined with the White House the mass media has been the premier motorist of irrational fear on the spread of covid, which usually ended up being a minor risk compared to the hype as the average Infection Fatality Rate was  no more that 0. 27% . Yet, in response to a virus that was a mortal danger to less than one-thrid of 1% of the population, bureaucrats declared the national emergency requiring crazy and unconstitutional lockdowns.

The lockdowns broken the economy in ways individuals are only now beginning to comprehend, with hundred of a large number of small businesses lost across the country. Not only that, but the establishment responded to the economic implosion they created by printing over $6 trillion in new money with the Fed in 2020 alone. This helicopter money or beta test for UBI (Universal Basic Income) has expedited a stagflationary tragedy and helped to drive prices on necessities in order to 40 year highs (the official number).

The media claims it really is “ covid that is evoking the crash, ” but it is a lie. It was the RESPONSE to covid that is causing the accident. The virus was incidental to the economic sabotage initiated simply by governments and central banking institutions. As we saw in conservative red states that defied the lockdowns and the vax mandates, economic activity flourished while leftists blue says suffered. And what did these types of blue states get in come back for their economic sacrifices? Absolutely nothing. Covid infections  continuing to rage   in blue states and deaths often outpaced red-colored states with similar size populations.

Basically, the lockdowns, the face mask mandates and the attempts power vaccinations through medical tyranny saved ZERO lives and perhaps made things worse. This is actually the legacy of government micro-management (And yes, let’s remember that Trump went along with these lockdowns in the beginning from the pandemic also. Biden is just the dirt-bag that continuing the measures despite the massive amount of evidence that they shouldn’t work).

As the covid event illustrates the point in a big method, there are a lot of deeply rooted issues that government intervention has caused that add up to one big fiscal calamity. Many of these dangers require a basic but sweeping return to fundamentals that federal government elites will rarely address and will try to stop at all costs. Here are just a few examples…

Pumpiing And Stagflation? Back The particular Dollar With Hard Goods

The federal reserve and their own minions have spent the better part of a century trying to encourage the public that a gold standard for our currency is what triggered the Great Depression and what could cause future depressions. They claim that limitations on money printing strangle liquidity and disrupt velocity. This is a lie.

Former fed chairman Ben Bernanke openly  admitted in 2002   in a speech honoring Milton Friedman that it was the CENTRAL BANK that actually triggered the deflationary collapse of the 1930s, not the existence of the particular gold standard. This rare moment of truth from a fed official was maybe due to the sheer amount of evidence that Friedman often cited that contradicted the original anti-gold propaganda. Or maybe it occurred because the banking elites did not see Friedman as a specific threat, and figured no one among the public would examine Bernanke’s speech anyway.

In fact , a goods foundation held the United states economy together for centuries till the Fed came along and the authorities slowly began removing gold from the picture. All following economic crisis events have been significantly worse ever since. When a commodities standard is employed, stability often follows. Just look at what has happened in Russian federation recently; their currency was on a downward spiral due to worldwide sanctions, yet, when they reopened markets this past week the particular Ruble skyrocketed back to regular. Why? Because Putin had the currency  coupled to gold . This really is that simple.

The united states and parts of Europe are usually facing their own inflationary disasters and this is largely due to the unchecked avarice of central bank stimulus and government investing. The ONLY way to secure the dollar’s existence as a stable shop of wealth would be to back again it with hard commodities like precious metals (among others). This might kill the dollar’s world reserve status due to the fact fiat printing would be not possible from that point on, but I got the news flash for those that dislike the idea of grounding the buck in commodities: We’re going to get rid of world reserve status in any case, and it’s going to happen soon.

One third of the world’s population including Russian federation, China and India already are breaking from the dollar within bilateral trade. The US might as well accept this is the reality plus prepare to mitigate the particular coming currency collapse by supporting the dollar along with commodities.

Oil Shortages And Energy Inflation? Stop Interfering With Oil Exploration

In early February of the year the Biden Management made legal filings which  halted new coal and oil leases   including exploration due to conflicts more than “ climate costs. ” This interference with Many oil independence is only among the many instances starting with Biden’s  sabotage of the Keystone Pipeline   in 2021. Interestingly, with gas costs doubling ever since Biden joined office, the White Home now claims that they have nothing to do with energy inflation and are not preventing drilling in the US.

During the same period Russia was setting up a decades long gas and oil contract with China plus laying the groundwork to get a major pipeline to be completed by 2025. And yes, China DOES in fact possess the capacity along with India to  absorb most of the gas and oil   that might be detested by Europe should they follow through with energy sanctions. Russian federation was planning ahead while the US was shifting from power independence and net exporter status to once again getting dependent on authoritarian regimes within the Arab world. Why?

Biden’s excuse is usually climate alarmism. The Globe’s temperature has only risen  by ONE EDUCATION CELSIUS   previously 100 years according to the NOAA, therefore the main argument against oil production in the US is based on the fallacy that man-made co2 has any bearing whatsoever on climate changes. But maybe the carbon fraud is really a distraction from something else?

To fix any supply and demand issues in the US, we only need to start creating once again at levels which were easily obtainable in 2020. Yet what if the issue of supply compression is not the main cause of oil inflation? I would note that the dollar is not only the world hold currency but also the global petro-currency. Until recently, almost all oil was traded internationally using dollars. The decline or even collapse of the dollar’s purchasing power due to money printing and runaway inflation is more likely the direct cause of rising oil prices, and supply issues are secondary.

If the dollar involved to collapse due to pumpiing, oil would be one of the first early warning indicators. With the business blocking new oil manufacturing and hindering the most cost effective way for oil transport (pipelines), an engineered decline in provide becomes a very effective smokescreen for that death of the dollar. The particular crisis caused by the government as well as the Federal Reserve’s currency destruction could then be blamed on supply chain problems and climate “ peril. ” This is the reason why the business will not allow any future growth in US essential oil production. They cannot allow the general public to realize the precarious place our currency is in.

Supply Chain Interdependency Leading To Shortages? Bring Back Manufacturing

There are a lot of reasons why manufacturing has left the US, from greedy and corrupt labor unions traveling up wages to higher fees and land costs to extremely cheap shipping through overseas exporters. There is also the theory that US factories were outsourced to places like China in order to deliberately push the public into a global interdependency scheme. In other words were are usually stuck with the supply chain we have, not because it’s the best system, but since the globalists want it that way.

It’s unlikely which the federal government and the elitist establishment would ever allow real manufacturing to come back to the US in a way that would make all of us more self sufficient. As long as the country relies on outsourced products and raw materials from other countries we remain beholden towards the global chain for our survival. Being completely independent may be impossible, but we could become producing far more domestically than we are today.

State governments could create incentives to manufacture inside their borders by removing real estate taxes, reducing state taxes and protecting businesses from certain federal obstructions such as carbon restrictions. As long as all those companies do not support anti-freedom initiatives with the money they make, they should be aided so that real jobs and real production make a comeback in the US.

I would also note that if states want to endure the coming financial crisis that is about to strike, they are going to need to start ignoring federal restrictions on land use as well as the production of raw materials (like oil or coal). Some environmental rules are good, however, many are pointless and are just designed to control rather than secure. States will have to stand within defiance of these rules in the event that anything is going to change for that better.

Debt And Liquidity Turmoil? Let States Establish Their Own Banks And Currencies

The state of North Dakota has an fascinating model for economic self-reliance, which utilizes a state sponsored bank designed specifically to help businesses in ND. I would say it’s bizarre this idea has not become popular over the nation, but I understand that if it did the federal government as well as the central bankers would be extremely unhappy.

Here is the thing, while it is true how the constitution explicitly states that this US Treasury be the just issuer of US currency, this was done at a time when the currency was backed simply by gold and silver and there was simply no corrupt middleman in the form of the central bank. In truth, the Treasury is now second fiddle to the Federal Reserve, and the constitutional regulations on money have already been broken. It’s period for a new currency design and new banking design.

An official financial institution in each state could decentralize power away from the Federal Reserve in terms of just how debt and interest rates are handled, creating something closer to free market discovery appealing rates rather than a rate dictatorship control by the Fed. Simply by extension, each state could also issue currency scrip lawful for use only within the edges of those states. This would create a secondary safety net against inflation in the dollar.

In other words, we decentralize the particular banking system and we provide state alternatives which function not so much as competing foreign currencies but as parallel or even complementary currencies backed simply by and exchangeable in certain goods. I believe very strongly this model (along with a couple dozen other measures We don’t have space to cover here) could save our nation from decades of financial mismanagement and bring all of us back from the brink of inflation and debt catastrophe.

States could do this without the permission from the federal government or the Federal Book, but I have little doubt that the elites would be in an uproar. Make no error, states will have to move to decouple from the national financial system and build alternatives as soon as these people realize that the dollar is certainly tanking and stagflation is here now to stay. And when they do, the particular establishment will declare such actions on par along with “ insurrection. ”

In the meantime, there are numerous arrangements each individual can make in their local communities to insulate on their own from economic dangers. You can find those that will say that nearby measures are only a stop space and more national action must be taken. They are partially proper; in the long run there needs to be broader organization towards free markets once again, along with redundancies in state economies. In the short term we must do what we can.

Ultimately, the most clear solutions to our fiscal fate are not pursued because the elites do NOT WANT to save the particular economy, at least not in a manner that ends up with them having much less power. They want even more power and centralization that extends beyond national boundaries to the realm of global administration. Fixing the system can’t occur because they won’t let it occur.

This means that the fix that will save us in the long run will be the one that allows all others to progress; and that repair is to remove these people through positions of influence and authority. You can’t really repair the body in the wake of an illness until the offending illness is eliminated. For now, all of we can do is keep the country on life assistance until a cure is used.


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