How Dangerous Are Masks Meant for Children?

We may become faced with catastrophic consequences of what we did to our kids over the last two years

Our community health agencies such as the CDC and NIH, and tv medical experts seem unable to address key health messages which could have a dramatic effect in reducing risk of severe sequelae in higher-risk populations such as the minority and African-American population to the scourge associated with SARS-CoV-2.  

These agencies plus media echo chambers thrown away many opportunities to inform the general public on simple yet quite effective messaging (vitamin D supplementation, obesity control, early therapy etc . ) that could possess reduced morbidity and saved lives. They continue to. Not just for Covid-19, but for many other illnesses.    

For example ,   obesity   surfaced as a potent super-loaded risk factor behind age in the harmful sequelae and a human being target for SARS-CoV-2 in most studies, in addition to being elderly, frail and having comorbid conditions. Being younger with comorbid conditions also placed one at risk.  

We knew this information very early on, maybe one month post-March 2020 yet the CDC etc . failed to either see the data, understand the data, or even act on the data. It could have behooved our organizations to have addressed these risks in large-scale education applications for the populace and especially simply by calling for a reduction in  body weight   and particularly for the minority sub-groups (African-Americans).  

In a similar light, studies showed that  vitamin D supplementation   for  African-Americans   has been associated with a lowered risk of severe condition and mortality from SARS-CoV-2. So the evidence was right now there; just the action by wellness agencies was absent.  

Earlier ambulatory outpatient treatment   with successful mixture and sequenced antiviral real estate agents, corticosteroids, and anti-clotting therapeutics should be used (and must have been used) widely to assist the people at risk. The African-American community is aware that “ Covid (is) a killer for the obese: like flowing gasoline  on top of a fire . ”  

Unfortunately, more than two years into the pandemic, the express issue of public health education and sound policy decisions remain absent and aloof, given the erratic and confusing responses from your health and governing officials.  

Now we all face another looming issue: the potential danger of the chlorine, polyester, and microplastic components of the face masks (surgical principally but any of the mass-produced masks) that have become part of our daily lives due to the Covid-19 pandemic.  

Emergent reports, albeit nascent and anecdotal but nevertheless very important (and will be clarified and defined in time) regarding the manufacture of masks, where, “ many of them (face masks) are made of polyester, so you possess a microplastic problem… many of the encounter masks would contain polyester with chlorine compounds… basically have the mask in front of our face, then of course We inhale the microplastic straight and these substances are much a lot more toxic than if you swallow them, as they get directly  into the nervous system . ”  

A very recent 2022 British publication ( Jenner et al. Detection of microplastics in human being lung tissue using μ FTIR spectroscopy ) focused on  thermoplastic-polymer   that is a element of the face masks and reported that such “ microplastics were identified in all regions of the human lungs using μ FTIR analysis. ” Furthermore, “ polypropylene and polyethylene terephthalate fibres were the most abundant. ” Researchers concluded that inhalation was “ a route of MP exposure. ” And that this study “ is the first to report MPs within individual lung tissue samples, using μ FTIR spectroscopy. ”

There were also early reports of  toxic mold , fungi, and  bacteria   that can pose a significant threat to the immune system by possibly weakening it. Of particular concern to us will be the recent report of inhaling synthetic fibers in the face masks. This is of serious issue.  

“ Loose particulate was observed on each type of face mask. Also, tight and loose fibers were seen on each type of mask. When every foreign particle each fiber in every facemask is definitely secure and not detachable by airflow, then there should be simply no risk of inhalation of such particles and fibers. However , if even a small portion of mask fibers is certainly detachable by inspiratory air flow, or if there is debris in mask manufacture or product packaging or handling, then you have the possibility of not only entry of foreign material to the air passage, but also entry to strong lung tissue, and possible pathological consequences of  foreign bodies in the lung area . ”  

Reports are that “ Graphene   is a strong, very thin material that is used within fabrication, but it can be damaging to lungs when inhaled and can cause long-term health problems. ”  

There is a risk of potential inflammatory/fibrotic lung diseases because we are inhaling these materials within the masks now for two yrs with more duration to come and no end in sight. These substances might also be highly dangerous. Not just for us as adults but we must be very concerned about the risks especially to our children since they depend on all of us as mentors and manuals for their decision-making.  

These blue surgical masks pervade our lives. They remain ubiquitous. “ Health Canada   issued a warning   about  blue and gray throw away face masks , which contain an asbestos-like substance associated with “ early pulmonary degree of toxicity. ” The warning is definitely specific to potentially poisonous masks distributed within schools and daycares across Quebec, canada ,.   Health North america   (and full praise to them)…. “ discovered during a preliminary danger assessment that the masks consist of microscopic graphene particles that will, when inhaled, could cause serious lung damage. ”  

Reports   are plus were that “ for some time now, some daycare teachers had expressed suspicion regarding the masks, which were causing kids to feel as though these were swallowing cat hair when you wear them. We now know that instead of cat hair, children had been inhaling the equivalent of asbestos the entire day. ” It appears to be a substance known as graphene.  

What is indeed alarming is that “ the  SNN200642   masks that were being used all across Europe in school classrooms had certainly not been tested for protection or effectiveness. ” This is indeed a catastrophic failure by the regulators as these medical face masks are linked to early pulmonary toxicity.  

What is indeed frightening is that all of these blue and similar surgical face masks cause  plastic fiber inhalation   and the outcomes could be damaging, especially to our children. Yet it has pervaded and individuals making Covid policy decisions do not seem to care about the harmful implications. These nose and mouth mask plastics will degrade extremely slowly over time and as such, in the lungs it may remain and build up to dangerous ranges.  

All of us do not even know what is an ‘ acceptable’ level, pertaining to there should be none. There is controversy that the immune system can assault such foreign objects, therefore driving prolonged inflammation which might lead to diseases such as malignancy. And reused masks which pervade our daily life, and based on our individual experiences, do produce a lot more loosened fibers.  

Dr . Rich Urso   demonstrated us just how dangerous they are by putting them within microscope, revealing the melt-blown polypropylene plastic. Some face masks even contain  fiberglass   and this is very dangerous as we know to inhale. We as parents make these decisions; we have to take a step back and question many of these decisions we are making that appear suboptimal. If it does not seem right, then you have to test their limits and question and demand the science, demand the information from these seemingly untethered professionals.  

We certainly did not get (across the last two years) and they are not presently getting the research and protection from public health experts, the relevant health companies, and policy makers that people need.  

Moreover, the mass media seems incapable of doing the investigative kind of journalism to fully inform the particular populace on what the public has to know. We close by reiterating the warning in the  JAMA   distribution   that “ Face masks should not be used by healthy individuals to guard themselves from acquiring respiratory system infection because there is no proof to suggest that face face masks worn by healthy individuals are effective in preventing individuals from becoming ill. ”  

Each act has a consequence, plus there is always risk. It is therefore imperative to weigh the consequences before embarking on a specific course of action. These are risk management decisions especially for mom and dad and not because a Dr . Fauci type tells you to do something means that it is accurate or necessary. Just consider the nonsense we heard about  double   hiding where he said use them one day only to then  withdraw on another day .  

Children come with a potent innate immune system functions tremendously well. At the same time plus similarly, their immune systems are still being developed, and we have forced lockdowns, college closures, and masking on the developing child. We have simply no prior experience on the following outcomes pertaining to children’s development, health, and well-being.  

We may end up being faced with catastrophic consequences associated with what we did to our kids over the last two years of unsound Covid restrictive policies, plus allowed government technocrats in order to force these upon them. These are matters too crucial to nonchalantly disregard.

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