Outraged Shopper Complains That Almost ‘Every Item’ in Bay area Walgreens Now Under Secure And Key

“ Every item” other than one, that is… Each item in this SF Walgreens is under lock and key. There’ s practically nothing you can buy without having to call a co-employee to unlock something. I’ ve never been in a country that lives in this way. pic. twitter. com/omFdoqH2CL — Antonio Garcí a Martí nez (agm. eth) 🇺 🇦 (@antoniogm) April thirteen, 2022 If you […]#@@#@!!

“ Every item” except one, that is…

If you look meticulously at the bottom right…

Where have we observed this before?  

A libtard shared movie from the same store upon Divisadero Street and lamented about the guy “ exaggerating” about everything being below lock and key however the video showed there are tons of other products locked up in other isles as well.  

Earlier this year, cop-hating Black Life Matter agitator Al Sharpton threw a fit over his local convenience stores within New York “ locking upward my toothpaste” and  demanded a police crackdown to address the BLM crime wave he helped provide for fruition.

In Philly in 2017,   the city authorities approved a bill to prohibit shop owners from safeguarding themselves with plexiglass   because, in the phrases of one Democratic councilwoman, this represents an “ indignity” to her minority constituents.

The law was scheduled to come into effect within 2021 but enforcement has been delayed as a result of our record crime wave.  

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