“The West Needs WWIII” – Martin Armstrong Warns “There’s No Return To Normal Here”

Legendary financial plus geopolitical cycle analyst Martin  Armstrong thinks the New Planet Order’ s so-called “ Great Reset” plan for mankind now needs war to try and make it work.     It might happen in the next few weeks.     Armstrong explains, “ What they are trying to do is deliberately poke the bear… ” “ They are improving the pressure on almost […]#@@#@!!

Legendary financial and geopolitical cycle analyst Martin  Armstrong thinks the New Globe Order’s so-called “ Excellent Reset” plan for humanity right now needs war to try and make it work.    

It could happen in the next few weeks.    

Armstrong explains, “ What they are trying to do is deliberately poke the bear… ”

They are boosting the pressure on just about everything under the sun.   The particular West needs World War III.   They only require it.     The real problem here is these people went to negative interest rates in 2014 in Europe.   They have been unable to stimulate the particular economy, and   Keynesian economics have completely failed…

I would say this is mismanagement of government on a global scale.   The problem is that will central banks have no control of the economy.  

Add to this, this type of inflation is substantially different than a speculative boom.   This particular inflation is based upon shortages.     These morons with covid… with lockdowns, ended up destroying the particular supply chains

Things that exist, I buy extra of because next time it might be long gone.     So , everybody is increasing their particular hoarding…

So , what we have with Europe,   using its negative interest rates, they have worn out all the pension funds.   They need 8% in order to even, not negative rates.   There is not a pension fund in Europe which is solvent at this stage of the game…. The European government can be collapsing.   If they find yourself defaulting, you are going to have huge numbers of people down there with pitch forks storming the parliament.   So , to avoid that, they need war…

The Biden Administration offers deliberately destroyed the world economic climate. ”

If there is war within Europe, the “ U. S. dollar will get stronger initially and not weaker” according to Armstrong.   Armstrong also says,

“ This really is all deliberate.   There is no return to normal here.   Unfortunately, this is where we are going. ”

Armstrong contends, war in Europe could break out within a couple of weeks, and the EU plus NATO are pushing this.   Armstrong says,

“ They want Russia to accomplish something…. This thing with Russia is the same thing all over again.   Unfortunately, we are headed for war. ”

Armstrong also talks in more detail about the following subjects:   Digital currency and precisely why the Deep State will be pushing so hard for it; gold, silver, food and just about everything going way up in price due to shortages.

Armstrong recommends that people “ stockpile two years of meals. ”     Armstrong has other techniques for what the common man must stock up on; Armstrong furthermore says President Trump will be the only President he understood that cared about Oughout. S. soldiers dying within combat.   This is why Trump wanted to bring the troops house, and the Deep State warmongers hated him for it.  

Armstrong also gives his predictions on who wins the particular midterm election this arriving November.     Will it matter which celebration comes out on top?

In closing, Armstrong says,

“ We are not getting back to normal.   The system will be crumbling from within, and it’s similar to the fall of Rome, generally. ”  

    (There is much more in the nearly 1 hour job interview. )

Join Greg Hunter associated with USAWatchdog. com as he will go One-on-One with  Martin Armstrong   cycle expert and author from the popular book  “ Manipulating the World Economy, ”   for four. 12. 22.

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