Video clip: Tucker Carlson Outlines Exactly how Twitter Is “Where Elite Opinion Is Incubated”

Calls Elon Musk’s attempted take-over the particular “single most important development at no cost speech in the modern great the United States”

Tucker Carlson explained Thurs why Elon Musk’s tried takeover of Twitter is “ the single most significant development for free speech within the modern history of the United States, ” noting that the platform will be “ where elite opinion is incubated. ”

The web host declared that Twitter “ is the single most important forum for speech possibly on earth, ” but that it is currently being used to foment mass group-think.

“ Because Musk put it, Twitter’s possible is to be ‘ the platform at no cost speech around the globe. ‘ Tweets will neither ‘ thrive nor serve the societal imperative in its current form. Twitter needs to be transformed as a private company, ” Carlson said.

This individual further highlighted that “ if Twitter’s board rejects Elon Musk’s offer, they are going to need to explain why for their shareholders. They turned down a deal that would make the shareholders much richer. ”

“ Therefore , by doing this, Elon Musk can be putting everything on the line. He knows how important Twitter would be to the people who run our bodies and run the global system. For them, censorship and propaganda are not a feature of their rule. Their rule depends on censorship and propaganda, ” Carlson urged.

Carlson repeated comments he made earlier within the week that Musk’s move on Twitter is a “ direct challenge” to “ illegitimate regimes” trying “ so hard to control info through censorship. ”

“ If you are providing policies that really benefit no one but yourself, you have to rest about them, and you must prevent anyone from complaining about it. So , censorship and propaganda are at the very heart of neoliberalism and Elon Musk is challenging all of that straight, ” the host asserted.

Carlson additional noted “ Is it distressing that our own democratic system isn’t working that you would need some rich guy in order to swoop in deus ex machina to save free presentation in United States? Of course , it is. Is it sad that we’ve desperate for Elon Musk in order to save us? Yes, it is. But who else is going to save us? Nobody at this point. ”


Elsewhere on Carlson’s show he interviewed the particular creator of the Twitter account  Libs of Tik Tok which was temporarily suspended earlier immediately in the latest example of system using vaguely defined “ hateful conduct” rules as a means of censorship.

As we noted earlier, Musk explained Thursday why he or she was attempting to buy Tweets, noting that it “ is extremely important for the future of civilization, ” and “ to help independence in the world. ”

During the interview, Musk pointed to the likes of Facebook, Instagram and Watts Application which are all majority owned and ruled by Tag Zuckerberg. Musk quipped that will Meta has “ a share ownership structure that will have Mark Zuckerberg the particular 14th still controlling these entities. ”

“ We won’t have that at Twitter, ” Musk promised.


Musk also noted that he has a ‘ plan B’ ought to Twitter refuse his offer:

When asked exactly what his backup plan can be, Musk said he would discuss it if it came to that will.

It has been mentioned that should Twitter’s board deny Musk’s proposal of buying the business for $54. 20 for each share, he could still look to stockholders by seeking proxy server votes or directly purchasing out their shares inside a hostile takeover scenario.

The Daily Mail   documented that “ Investopedia records that shareholders often accept the tender offer if it is a ‘ sufficient premium to market value or if they are unhappy with current management. ”

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