View: Alex Jones Discusses Elon Musk, 9/11, Bohemian Grove and More

‘If anybody’s Übermensch it’s Elon Musk. “

Alex Jones joined American Alchemy sponsor Jesse Michels for a honest discussion on everything from his accurate predictions on 9/11 to his views on tech entrepreneur Elon Musk and more.

Elon Musk

Jones stated he commended Tesla CEO Elon Musk’s tenacity when confronted with adversity and would think about him an “ ü bermensch. ”

“ You can say anything you want about Elon Musk. People can say, ‘ Well he was hyped early on… ‘ Well, you know the proof is in the final pudding. I mean, this individual was the only one to get heavy lifters into space, bigger than the Russians, and every thing he’s done’s turned into precious metal and he’s survived lots of stuff – if anyone’s Ü bermensch it’s Elon Musk. ”


Regarding Jones’ conjecture of the 9/11 World Trade Center terror attacks, Michels referenced a scene in Alex Lee Moyer’s forthcoming documentary Alex’s War featuring a 2001 phone call between Jones and Joe Rogan in which Jones surmised the assault could be staged by the US government.

“ Joe you know I was forecasting this, telling you all about it, ” Jones told Rogan, who at the time appeared not willing to credit Alex for the accurate prediction.

Jones also touched on experiencing bizarre dreams that felt like premonitions on more than one occasion.

Bohemian Grov electronic

Discussing their infiation of Bohemian Grove, Jones recalled witnessing the particular expressions on attendees’ confronts as they took part within the Cremation of Care.

“ The whole place and the whole vibe was not Christian, or not pious… It got dark, the guy’s go out there by the small pond, the little lake and they also do this composite pagan ritual and I’m standing right now there with about 1, 500 men watching it across the pond. The men got really crazy looks on their faces, I would call it Satanic. They were just like [gnarls and breathes heavily, while staring intensely], ” Jones described. “ I didn’t really think that they were taking it seriously until I was in the audience with the men and they were consuming this extremely seriously. ”

Jones undertaken a variety of other topics during the nearly 1-hour interview, touching on his relationship with Later on Rogan, Big Tech censorship, his resemblance to Costs Hicks, his sentiments upon Donald Trump, and his views on weird science, UFO’s, religion and the apocalypse.

Be sure to check out the upcoming documentary about Jones great life called Alex’s War , debuting July 1:

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